Del Taco worker shares what it's like when she's multitasking and there's a line of customers out the door

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‘Doing 2 tasks as it is, think I want 3?’: Del Taco worker shares what it’s like when she’s multitasking and there’s a line of customers at the counter

'People still have the nerve to bother me.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Jul 15, 2023

There’s a reason why fast food is called “fast food”—customers expect to get their meals in a speedy manner, which means that employees must be on their toes to ensure that these expectations are met.

This often means that employees will be stuck multitasking several job duties—no easy feat, especially in an industry that has long been known for overworking its employees and one that is still notoriously experiencing a labor shortage.

A Del Taco worker named Jai (@jaila_aa) posted a viral TikTok that’s accrued over 410,000 views where she called out customers who disregard the multiple job duties a worker is currently doing—and still attempt to receive service despite the fact that they’re busy.

@jaila_aa doing 2 tasks as it is, think i want 3? 🤨#ordertaker #cashier #getsomebodyelsetodoit ♬ original sound – KeyÆmirra🫶🏾🔑💚

Jai writes in a text overlay of the video as she works behind the counter, “Me to the line customers on front counter because I’m cashier, drink maker, & not doing a extra jobs.”

She adds in a caption, “Doing 2 tasks as it is, think I want 3?”

Judging from the comments under Jai’s video, it seems a number of other TikTok users who work in the food service industry have experienced the same customer behavior. The biggest gripe appeared to be with customers who can’t seem to take the hint that a worker can’t tend to their needs while they’re fulfilling other duties.

One user wrote, “And when you have to pass the front counter too and they stare you down.”

Another said they couldn’t understand why customers would wait to get their attention to place an order when the self-service station is right in front of them.

“Or when the kiosk is in their FACE,” they said.

This was a sentiment echoed by another user who shared, “USE THE KIOSK INSTEAD OF WAITING LIKE DAMN.”

Others highlighted just how hectic working in food service can be.

“Me taking orders, cashing out, making the drinks, and handing out the oder all by myself in drive,” a user said.

One user on the platform said some guests are snarky when they should be able to clearly see that they’re in the middle of doing a ton of work.

“They be having the audacity to lean over the counter asking if anybody work here… i js be ignroing them,” the user commented.

“I pretend like I don’t see them because ik you see me not over there so why are you looking for me,” another wrote.

According to survey statistics published by Kuru, food service industry workers, when asked how they felt about their jobs, used language that probably wouldn’t be used on a hiring breakdown. 37% remarked that they were “stressed” working in the industry, while 34% said they were “overworked” and 32% replied they were “exhausted.”

And while a number of industries have bounced back from staffing shortages that occurred as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are still concerns over understaffing in a variety of restaurants well into 2023.

These staffing woes can lead to employee burnout, as workers will often have to juggle various duties or put in more hours each work to ensure their respective places of business are up and running.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Del Taco and Jai via email for further comment.

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*First Published: Jul 15, 2023, 11:51 am CDT