Woman says Dave & Busters customers accused her of stealing money off their game card, then verbally abused her. She got kicked out

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‘This is discriminatory’: Dave & Busters customers abusively accused her of stealing money off their game card. She got kicked out

'I am not helping a Karen out ever again'


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Posted on Feb 10, 2024   Updated on Feb 14, 2024, 12:36 pm CST

A Dave & Busters customer posted a viral video saying a woman accused her of stealing money off her game card, and then verbally abused her. Security still kicked her out, she claims.

The user GQ, (@mommagq) has reached over 950,000 views and 89,000 likes on her TikTok.

GQ records her video using the voice-over effect to tell a story about her trip to Dave & Busters. 

She begins her video explaining how her family was at Dave & Busters when a woman walked up to her and said that “her kid lost her card.” 

In the video GQ recorded, the woman is standing to the left of an employee in front of the game card screen. The employee is GM Tory.

When the woman told GQ that her child had lost their card, GQ tells her “Hey, there’s a card on this machine, maybe it’s his.” 

GQ gave the card to her son’s father to hand to the woman. 

A few minutes later, GQ says the woman came back and said, “It was $100 on the card, you’re welcome b*tch,” accusing GQ of stealing the money off her child’s card. 

To this, GQ went to find GM Tory to help her with the situation. 

In the video, you see GM Tory and another employee standing with the woman at the game card screen. GQ says GM Tory told the woman, “Hey, that was your card, you purchased it,” before turning back to GQ.

At this point, GQ says she was having an anxiety attack due to the stress of the woman “calling me various names, verbally attacking me.” 

But, GM Tory still asks her to leave.

“I was very surprised,” she says, “I was still looking at him like, are you serious?”

GQ says he responded “Yes, you need to leave.”

Next, GQ got escorted out of Dave & Buster’s by security.

She says, “Just the irritating part is when you try to do something good for somebody, watch who you’re helping, because you ain’t supposed to have empathy for all people.”

Even though it was “natural nature to help this woman out,” GQ says, “she tried to say that me and family used the card.” 

“Which didn’t make no damn sense,” she adds, “Why would I use the card and then try to return it?”

GQ says she showed management her card and receipts, asked them to run the cameras back to show she didn’t use the card, but was still asked to leave.

@mommagq Went to #daveandbusterstiktok and washaving a great time for my kids birthday when we walked to video game full of kids and got accused by this woman of stealing her kids game card. I yes me went and got security because the lady with the ponytail came up to my family after we helped her and verbally attacked. Instead of reacting like my anxiety wanted me to I went and got security and this GM Tori. He asked me to step back and he assisted her with showing her whatever is on the screen and afterwards came to me and said I was 86 for this. Never explained what this was. I told him do you need to see why emails and game card. He said nope you need to go. Mind you by this time security has surrounding me and even they questioned why was he doing this. I told them dont worry about I know to leave a review and he said yeah you do that. So here we are with my review. Was having a great time til this. My family spent a lot of money playing games and eating and were there for a few hours. I also asked him to view the cameras so you can see I never used her card. He said no need she realize the mistake. But I cant force her to apologize. I said oh but you can allow her to stay with how she acted with verbally attacked me. And mind you her kid looked four or five and she was not watching him and a rule there is to alway supervise your kid. Smh. Moral of the story I am not helping a Karen out ever again. Next time someone comes up to me crying I am walking away As many times I have gone out of my way to help ppl. Nope never again. #daveandbustershenderson ♬ original sound – LaFrancesca Aka GQ

One user said in the comment section of GQ’s video, “Common sense, if you used the card you woulda disposed of it. GM Tory is a clown.” 

GQ also left a comment explaining, “Crazy thing my son’s father is white and gave it to her and she walked over to me and said that,” insinuating that the woman had racist motives behind verbally attacking her.

GQ experienced this at the Dave & Buster’s in Henderson, Nevada. 

One user told GQ, “Henderson is so racist and I just moved here from Nashville.” GQ responds, “Yes it’s unfortunate.” 

Another user said, “No cus the way I would have turned into a Karen real quick and called corporate. @Dave & Buster’s YALL BETTER DO BETTER”

GQ responded, “I am and will follow up.” 

In an update video, GQ says, “HR reached out to me, they said they’ll investigate and keep me updated.” 

She says she’s not sure what’s going to happen, but she won’t be suing them. 

GQ says most comments suggested GM Tory was being discriminatory by kicking GQ out of the facility. GQ says while she does agree, “It’s just the point of him trying to flex his authority on me, when he knew I did nothing wrong.” 

The Daily Dot reached out to GQ via TikTok comment section and Dave & Buster’s via media contact form. 

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*First Published: Feb 10, 2024, 6:00 am CST