Woman shows how she can use her food stamps at the Costco food court

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‘Last time I p*ssed off everybody from the food stamp police committee’: Woman shows how she uses her food stamps at the Costco food court

'NO WAYYY Sam's club too?'


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Posted on Dec 7, 2023   Updated on Dec 7, 2023, 1:33 pm CST

An EBT recipient, Jinger (@imjingerwithaj_), has gotten significant attention with her latest TikTok video, “THANK ME LATER,” which has attracted over 359,000 views as of Thursday afternoon. In this video, she explores how to effectively use food stamps, specifically SNAP benefits, at the Costco Food Court, offering insights that speak to many Americans relying on these benefits.

Jinger starts her video with a playful tone, acknowledging her previous contentious run-ins with the “Food Stamp Police Committee.”

She then shares a valuable tip for SNAP beneficiaries at Costco, though not everything is included: “Only cold stuff, though. So I’m gonna get a soda and I’mma get a salad. Oh, yeah. Soda and a salad. Yum.” This simple advice on purchasing prepackaged cold items like salads and drinks using EBT cards has become a food stamp hack that has many users percolating.

The comments section of Jinger’s video turned into a hub of excitement and tips regarding the use of EBT cards at various establishments.

One user noted, “At Sam’s Club as long as you use the scan and go you can get pizza from the food court.”

Another added, “You can get the rotisserie chicken from Sam’s too!”

One user’s revelation—”U can do that at Sheetz tooo”—was followed by Jinger’s addition, “& WaWa!!!!”

Big Chain Retailers like Costco, Instacart, Family Dollar, and Trader Joe’s are among the many that accept EBT cards and have offered a range of food items to those on food assistance programs for some time. This accessibility is particularly vital during the holiday season when financial strains can be more pronounced for families in need.

While Jinger’s video adopts a fun and perky tone, it addresses a critical issue: extending the value and quality of SNAP benefits. By sharing her “on-the-job” experience, she is not only helping others in similar situations but also raising awareness about the versatility of SNAP benefits.

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This isn’t the first time Jinger has demonstrated to her viewers on how to use their “food stamps” for goods they wouldn’t otherwise be able to exchange them for. Typically, “hot or prepared meals” are not available for purchase under SNAP restrictions, which includes getting yourself a drink at Starbucks. However, the TikToker has previously claimed she was able to “hack” this rule by using her card at a Starbucks located inside a Target store.

Jinger’s TikTok video goes beyond just providing a tip for using SNAP benefits at Costco. It’s a testament to the resourcefulness and community spirit among SNAP beneficiaries, especially those active on TikTok. Users like Jinger are helping to alleviate the stigma around food stamps and highlight the importance of such benefits in supporting families and individuals in need.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Jinger via TikTok comment and Costco via email for further information. 

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*First Published: Dec 7, 2023, 3:00 pm CST