Cheesecake Factory customer redesigns the menu because it's ‘unreadable’

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‘I’ll fix it myself’: Cheesecake Factory customer redesigns ‘unreadable’ menu. But there’s a reason it looks like that

‘Y’all have to stop doing free work for these billion dollar companies!’


Nina Hernandez


A graphic designer is gaining traction on TikTok after posting a video showing his redesign of the Cheesecake Factory’s “unreadable” menu.

TikTok user @deauxpeman was dining at the Cheesecake Factory when he noticed how, in his opinion, the menu is “unreadable.” Being a graphic designer, @deauxpeman decided to do something about it. He posted the results in a video on June 10. It has since amassed more than 22,700 views.

“There’s a big problem at the Cheesecake Factory, and I’m going to tell you why,” @deauxpeman says to start the video. “The menu is just … you can’t read it. Cheesecake, please fix this. OK, so I’ll fix it myself.”

The video transitions from @deauxpeman in the restaurant holding the menu to a screen recording of @deauxpeman’s computer as he is in the process of redesigning the “Glamburgers & Sandwiches” page of the menu.

“So what we’re doing is we’re changing the layout of the menu. We’re justifying all the font to the left. We’re even changing the font to make it more legible,” he says. “And the hierarchy of this design is a lot more readable. And more enjoyable to read through. So, boom, here’s the before. Here’s the after. What y’all think? Do y’all think this looks better than the original menu? Let me know.”

In the caption, @deauxpeman tags the Cheesecake Factory. “Cmon how long has it been since you updated your menu? The 90’s??! … What yall think is this an upgrade?” he writes.

@deauxpeman @The Cheesecake Factory Cmon how long has it been since you updated your menu? The 90’s??! 😂 What yall think is this an upgrade? #cheesecakefactory #thecheesecakefactory #cheesecakefactorymenu ♬ drowning (slowed + reverb) – Vague003

In the comments section, one user said @deauxpeman shouldn’t work without a contract. “This is amazing! Y’all have to stop doing free work for these billion dollar companies! You KNOW they’re about to steal this & some high executive is going to get a check YOU deserve,” they wrote.

Another user agreed that the current design is in need of a revamp. “Menu fr be the never ending story,” they wrote.

Somebody else said, “@The Cheesecake Factory would love to see you work with him, this is so much easier to read!!!”

Why does the menu look like that?

According to this Vox deep dive, the Cheesecake Factory’s extremely successful strategy is contrary to most restaurant industry best practices. That includes maintaining a long and winding menu that caters to many different tastes and appetites.

A Thrillist article from 2018 delves further into the story of how its menu grew to be so large. David Marshall Overton started the first Cheesecake Factory in Beverly Hills as a vehicle for his mother’s desserts. Overton didn’t have any restaurant experience, so he learned as he went, and the menu grew along with his skillset. As the menu expanded, customers responded.

The Daily Dot reached out to Cheesecake Factory via website contact form for comment. We also reached out to @deauxpeman via TikTok comment and direct message for comment.

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