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‘Since you guys want to think that we’re lying when we say our ice cream machine is broken’: McDonald’s worker has best response to customers who accuse them of lying about broken ice cream machine

‘Just slap some duct tape on it.’


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McDonald’s ice cream machines are notorious for always being out of order.

So much so, that some customers question whether the machines are really broken or if the fast food chain’s workers are making excuses not to serve the cold treats. However, one TikToker wants to put any confusion to rest.

In a viral video that has been liked over 16,000 times, user Scotty 2 Hotty (@scoooty98) gives viewers a sneak peek at what a broken McDonald’s ice cream machine looks like.


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“Since you guys wanna think that we’re lying when we say our ice cream machine is broken,” he says in the clip, before pulling a lever to start the machine.

Ice cream forcefully gushes out, flying everywhere except into the cup positioned beneath it. Clearly, the machine is broken.

The video resonated with viewers and other McDonald’s workers chimed in with their own stories about broken McDonald’s ice cream machines in the comments section.

“Bro the one at my old store started smoking once and I didn’t know how to fix it so I stood there scared af,” one user wrote.

“Last time that happened to me my hand got burned,” another shared.

Some made light of the situation.

“Looks good to me,” one person commented.

“Just slap some duct tape on it,” another joked.

McDonald’s ice cream machines are so notorious for being broken that there is a website dedicated to updating customers about which machines are working in their area. A green dot on the map indicates the machine at that location is in service.

However, a red dot indicates customers cannot get their cold, sweet treat fix there until further notice. As of this evening, 11.99% of the machines I the US are broken.

The Daily Dot contacted McDonalds via email and Scotty 2 Hotty via TikTok comment.

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