Bartender reveals what really goes down when you order bottle service

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‘A lot of these people are paying $500 for Tito’s’: Bartender reveals what really goes down when you order bottle service

'You want people in the club to see you flexing your money.'


Stacy Fernandez


Posted on Dec 31, 2023

Ever wondered why bottle service at a club is so expensive? This bottle girl breaks it down and shares what goes on behind the scenes.

In a viral TikTok with more than 400,000 views, Kailee (@kaiivicha) explains what she actually does in her role as a bottle girl while she gets ready for a shift.

She explains that the night usually starts with the host texting the girls that she’s taking the bottle service group upstairs. At that point, the girls go up, greet the table, and get introduced to the cardholder. The host also gives the girls the cardholder’s credit card and ID in an envelope.

The servers will take the group’s order and figure out what bottle they want. At the table, they already have a pitcher of common mixers, including soda water, pineapple juice, and cranberry juice.

“You always want to get the bottle out as soon as possible. Typically no longer than five minutes,” Kailee said.

When they bring the bottle out, one girl usually holds it up while the other girls crowd behind her, holding pom poms and sparklers, making a big show of it all. One or two girls stay and pour the drinks. Kailee said she makes a note to serve the women in the group first.

Kailee said that bottles that normally cost $40 at a liquor store can easily run for hundreds at a club’s bottle service.

“A lot of these people are paying $500 for Tito’s,” she said.

“A lot of people don’t realize that when you do bottle service, you are paying for the experience. You want people in the club to see you flexing your money. You want pretty girls dressed in cute little outfits to pour your drinks.”

She shared that the job isn’t very hard and that the most difficult part is making sure to keep the lid of the bottle so the customer can’t sneak it out.

Interested in becoming a bottle girl? Kailee made a follow-up video sharing her tips for breaking into the industry.

First things first, you’re not likely to find a bottle service job listing on a traditional career site like Indeed or LinkedIn.

Here are three ways to find a job opening:

  1. See if a local club has a job listing posted on their Instagram feed or story.
  2. If you want to be proactive, do what Kailee did and DM a bunch of clubs in your area asking if they’re hiring.
  3. If you’re really bold, have a girl’s night out at a club you want to work at and ask to speak to the manager. If they’re there, introduce yourself and ask if they have any jobs.

Once you get an interview, Kailee advises that you don’t stress out too much about it. But she did share that you should “dress the part, but do not overdo it.” A pair of jeans, a cropped shirt, and press-on nails do the trick.

“They honestly just wanna see what you look like. They wanna see how you talk, they wanna see how you act. They don’t really care about anything else,” Kailee said.

The original video has more than 150 comments, most of them positive.

@kaiivicha this is your sign to start applying #foryou #bottleservice ♬ original sound – kailee &lt3

“I got bottle service for my birthday last weekend & I def did it for the experience! And it was amazing! Everyone was super sweet!” a top comment read.

“i never go out to clubs without getting a table having your own space and option to sit down is just so much better,” a person said.

“sometimes i miss being a bottle girl but it was so mentally taxing but the money was so good,” a worker shared.

The Daily Dot reached out to Kailee for comment via email.

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*First Published: Dec 31, 2023, 7:03 pm CST