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‘All the employees look alike’: Indeed jobseeker says Bar Louie didn’t go through with her interview because she’s Black

‘All the servers are white women and the bartenders are white girls.’


Tiffanie Drayton


One worker is calling out Bar Louie after she says she faced racism while trying to land a job at the establishment.

In a viral video with over 549,000 views and 57,000 likes, user Shiv (@shivonbomb) accused the bar and the state it is located in of being extremely racist, making it difficult for minorities to get work.

The woman then went on to explain that she applied on Indeed for a job at Bar Louie at Westgate hotel in Arizona. The employer then scheduled her for an interview, she said, but things went south when she showed up to the establishment to meet with management.

After arriving on time for the interview, a hostess told her to sit and wait for the boss to meet with her. That’s when she noticed something odd about the workers at the bar.

“All the servers are white women and the bartenders are white girls,” she reported in the two-minute and fifty-nine second clip.

And apparently, Shiv said the manager decided not to meet with her after he noticed that she was in fact a woman of color.

“I see a man come out and we, like, look in each other’s direction and have a moment of connection and he abruptly turns around and goes back into the kitchen,” she said.

Then another employee came out and told her that she would not be meeting with the manager.

“A girl comes back out and and then she’s like ‘Hi, yeah, I’m so sorry, he got really, really busy in the kitchen’,” she said. “’If they wanna follow up with you, they’ll give you a call back.’”

Shiv was not buying the woman’s excuse that the manager was busy and believed there was a more insidious reason for his refusal to meet with her.

“It’s giving me nostalgia of flashbacks of being Black in America and trying to get a job,” she said.

She also imagined how the interaction between the workers went down when they spotted a Black woman waiting to be interviewed.

“He walked out, peeped his head out the kitchen, looked at table ‘blah, blah blah,’ saw my Black a** and whipped his ass around and was like ‘nope,’” she said. “Bar Louie Pheonix, shame on you.”

@shivonnbomb How i get scheduled for an interview and show up and hes “busy” for the scheduled interview? #barlouie #westgateaz #racisminarizona #phoenixaz #barlouievibes #azfyp ♬ original sound – Shiv

The Daily Dot reached out to Shiv via TikTok comment and Bar Louie by contact form. This story will be updated should we receive any responses.

Federal law prohibits discrimination based on race related to employment, according to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

In the comments section, TikTok users largely believed Shiv’s account and even said she may have dodged a bullet working for a possibly racist establishment.

“Maybe we should start pointing out these places that don’t want to hire us but want us to spend our money there,” Nicki Romero (@mrsnickiro) commented.


Others agreed that Arizona is in fact racist.

“I do landscaping, and no your not wrong, this is [Arizona],” user @papabear2121 said. “Scottsdale is the worst.”

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