Applebee’s server says she was fired because table of 7 walked out on bill

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‘Some people are so sick’: Applebee’s server says she was fired after table of 7 walked out on bill

‘This restaurant I was with for 12 plus years did me bogus.’


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An Applebee’s server says she lost her job with the restaurant after working there for more than 10 years when a table of seven decided to leave without paying their bill.

In her video, TikTok user Lala (@__saylala on TikTok) shares that she works as a teacher, as well as bartending at a club and working at her local Applebee’s. She says she began working at the restaurant in 2014 as a senior in high school and stayed working with the business through her college career and into her professional career as a teacher.

However, that all came to an end when a table of seven walked out on a bill.

“Last weekend I had a party of seven on top of five other tables,” she says in the video. “I am the bartender, so I had to make everybody’s drinks, all of that. So this table came in, they all had sodas, they all had shakes, kids meals, they all got like a two for $35 deal, they all got the dollar margaritas. I come to check on them continuously, I make sure that they’re good, no complaints. My manager was checking on them, all of that.”

The tune of the table changed quite a bit when the bill came out, she says, and suddenly there were issues with the food and wanted it split into seven checks. While the poster was talking with her manager about the issues they had with their order and splitting it up, she says her table up and left without paying the combined $300 check.

“This is not the first time it’s happened to me,” she says. “I’m continuously dealing with rude people. Like I said, this is just one of my three jobs. I’m a single mom, I’m a teacher. It’s crazy that I’m that underpaid that I’m struggling. I have to do what I got to do. Do I want to work three jobs? No.”

Why was the Applebee’s server fired?

Taking matters into her own hands, she says she was able to identify one of the women from the party of seven and posted on social media threatening to press charges if she and her friends did not come and pay the bill. The customer ended up reporting her to Applebee’s HR, she says, and she was suspended without pay by the restaurant chain before ultimately being terminated.

“That lady made me lose my job because she walked out on me,” she says. “You didn’t get bad service, you got good service. I’m a good person, a good server, a good worker, and this restaurant I was with for 12 plus years did me bogus.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Lala via comment on the video and TikTok direct message, as well as to Applebee’s via email regarding the situation.

Historically, Applebee’s has shared that employees are required to seek permission before posting on social media about the business, which the poster acknowledges is likely where the issue that led to her firing occurred.

It is also unclear whether the poster lives in an at-will state, which allows employers to part with employees for essentially any reason aside from one that is discriminatory. However, with a potential policy violation, it is unlikely she was let go without cause.

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The video was met with overwhelming support from viewers, who left encouraging comments.

“Teacher and bartender here!” one commenter wrote. “I felt every word especially not making enough money as a teacher and needing to work multiple jobs as a result…. I promise you God has better for you!”

“That’s just really missed up keep your head up that’s not the place for you there will something better coming your way,” another added.

“Honey that just opened up your schedule for something better to come along you sound determined I think you’ll be okay I know it’s upsetting but really you want to work for people like that,” a third commented.

In a follow-up video, the poster shows the social media post that she ultimately had to delete. In it, she calls out the table that left without paying despite receiving good service. She also acknowledges that she was let go for making this post because it violated a company policy.

“I’m very well aware of why I got fired,” she says in the follow up, in response to some viewers who left comments on the original video. “I broke a policy and social media rule with the company I was with and take accountability with that. That’s why I was frustrated on my part for even saying anything.”

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