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‘What am I paying for?’: Customer says Apple withdraws money from her account every 3 days

‘I can’t wait for that lawsuit for real.’


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Apple Pay has made life a whole lot easier for many people. With a single click, anyone with an iPhone can make a purchase, or pay a bill. However, some Apple customers are claiming hidden costs may outweigh the benefits.

In a viral video that has amassed more than 770,000 views as of this afternoon, TikTok creator Hazel Sno (@hazelsno) accused the tech company of stealing money from her bank account.

Her 24-second clip stitches together another TikToker’s (@khalil) call for there to be a class-action suit against Apple for stealing from their customers.

“In two years, watch Apple have a class action suit against them,” Khalil said in his video.

@hazelsno #stitch with @Kahlil Where can I claim because Apple got some explaining to do fr 😡 #apple #ponzi #itunes #fyp ♬ original sound – Hazel Sno

Hazel agreed and responded to the video by making her own accusations against the company.

“I kept noticing them taking like $21, $24 literally every three days out of my account,” Sno said.

She said she decided to call Apple support to find out what was happening.

“Turns out, they took about $600 from me since January,” she said. “And it’s like, what am I paying for, really?”

The discovery left her feeling both bewildered and enraged. The Daily Dot contacted TikToker Hazel Snow via comments and Apple via email.

“I’m so confused,” she said. “I can’t wait for that lawsuit for real.”

In the comments section, many users shared their own Apple Pay horror stories.

“They been doing that to meeee !!! It was like $55 every other day, and I don’t have any subscriptions on my phone but Apple Music,” one commenter wrote.

“Same with me!!! I call [to] get [a] refund then I notice it again months later!!! It ranges from 2.99 to 24.99,” another said.

Others, however, tried to offer reasonable explanations for the charges.

“It’s likely storage you are paying for. It’s not being stolen,” a user commented.

However, the TikToker reiterated that she believes the charges aren’t related to her own purchases.

“Storage is about 10.99, I have receipts for it,” Sno responded.

According to Apple’s support page, customers should scrutinize charges closely to make sure they aren’t fraudulent.

“Multiple purchases might be grouped into one charge, even if you made the purchases on different days,” the page explains. “You might not get a separate email receipt for each purchase. Sometimes the charges appear on your statement a few days after the purchases were made.”

The company also recommends customers immediately report suspicious, unverifiable charges via the Settings app in their iPhone.

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