Man gaslights angry customer into thinking he works at car rental


‘I don’t work for the company’: Angry ‘Karen’ yells at social media influencer for bad customer service

‘Bros gonna get fired from a job he doesn’t even work at.’


Jack Alban


A TikToker recorded an interaction with a “Karen” who assumed he worked at a car rental agency and yelled at him for his bad customer service.

Social media influencer Cody Frank (@bonercody) was waiting to pick up his rental from Alamo Rent a Car when a “Karen” started to chastise him for his terrible customer service. But she seemed uninterested in the fact that he didn’t actually work there.

The now viral TikTok video has received over 658,000 views and people were highly amused by Cody’s antics.


chick was tilted over "not helping & j standing around" listen lady im waiting j like u 😂💀

♬ original sound – Cody Frank

The video starts mid-interaction with Cody asking the woman, “Why am I an asshole?” The “Karen” replies, “Cause your customer service sucks!”

Cody tries to explain that he is also just waiting to pick up his car rental. “I don’t work for that company,” he says to the upset customer. But she chooses not to listen to him and mockingly repeats what he says back to him.

The young man then talks to the woman as if she’s a child throwing a tantrum. “You’re up, you’re up here,” he says, holding his hand above his head and then lowering it to chest level. “You need to bring it down to here,” he tells her.

“You’re so extra I’m literally so calm. I’m the calmest I’ve ever been in my life,” he tells her.

“Really, is that why you’re recording?”

Cody starts walking away as the woman again mocks him and starts shimmying in front of his phone angrily. “Okay Karen, okay Karen,” he says as he continues to laugh and walk away.

The TikToker writes in the video’s caption, “chick was tilted over “not helping & j standing around” listen lady im waiting j like u.”

In a follow up video, Cody explains that the “Karen” took issue with his lack of customer service. The interaction started after she walked in and assumed he was an employee at the car rental company. She commented that it wasn’t very professional of him to be leaning on the car rental counter.

@bonercody Replying to @Emy 👑💋 ♬ original sound – Cody Frank

Cody says he tried to explain that he didn’t work there, but she just didn’t believe them. He added that following their colorful interaction, a sales representative from the company finally arrived and asked if they could be helped. According to the influencer, the “Karen” in question was left speechless after she learned that he was telling the truth the entire time.

TikTokers users found the whole situation hilarious and let Cody know in the comments.

“Bros gonna get fired from a job he doesn’t even work at,” one person joked.

Another said that they thought this was a great way to put irate customers in their place. “I’m going to start gaslighting rage customers into thinking I work there just to upset them.”

“I would’ve went behind the counter and asked her a bunch of questions and then 5 minutes later be like I can’t help you, I don’t work here,” wrote a third commenter, wanting to infuriate the “Karen” even further with outrageous customer service. “Would’ve been the move,” responded the creator.

It appears that other folks have found themselves in similar situations. One person wrote, “Reminds me of the time a “Karen” demanded I check the back for something at store once. Reported me to manager for not checking. I did not work there.”

The Daily Dot reached out Cody Frank via TikTok comment and to to Alamo Rent a Car via email but did not hear back by the time of publication.

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