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Twitter is loudly mocking Herman Cain’s new website proclaiming his support among women.

Presidential hopeful Herman Cain and his wife Gloria have launched a new website called Women for Cain, an “online national fellowship of women dedicated to helping elect Herman Cain as the next President of the United States.”

The website features a stock photo of smiling women giving a thumbs-up sign and blog posts praising Cain’s accomplishments. Nowhere mentioned: the sexual harassment allegations leveled against him.

One woman not featured on the site is Ginger White, who claims she and Cain carried on a 13-year affair. White hasn’t commented about the site, but a Twitter account parodying her has had plenty to say.

“WTF @THEHermanCain!! How did I not make the list dammit????” tweeted the parody account @giingerwhite earlier today. “I am a [sic] very outraged.

The three-day-old parody account has a handful of political junkies following the account but is far from achieving Twitter greatness. The same goes for @SharonBialek, an account parodying the former National Restaurant Association employee who alleges that Cain sexually assaulted her 14 years ago.

“Does anyone know what ‘MILF Hunters’ is and why they are offering me money?” tweeted @sharonbialek on Nov. 7. “We’re now taking bids for my exclusive first one-on-one interview. Don’t even pick up the phone if it’s under $1 million (yes, you, Extra).”

Twitter parody accounts come and go on a daily basis, with most never getting any attention. Some, like a parody account of Myspace cofounder Tom Anderson, have drawn ire from the target, while others have received encouragement from the person who inspired them, as happened to the @notjaycutler account parodying quarterback Jay Cutler.

Cain’s Twitter account has not responded to either of the women’s parodies. But he might want to consider doing some damage control on his damage-control effort.

“‘WOMEN FOR HERMAN CAIN’ is probably not the best-named damage control site for a sexual predator who believes ALL WOMEN ARE FOR HIS USE,” tweeted @socraticMrMeth.

Expect more tweets like that, as this controversy rolls on. With the launch of Women for Cain, it seems like the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO isn’t planning on backing out of the presidential race anytime soon.

And with a new allegation of inappropriate behavior popping up every few weeks, it seems like Cain’s campaign has a lot more to worry about than a few small parody accounts.

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