New York to party at the intersection of President and Clinton Streets tonight

President and Clinton Streets intersection New York Hillary Clinton election

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Seriously serendipitous street signs.

An intersection in New York City may have already called the election for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The intersection, located in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, is going viral for its seemingly coincidental streets signs—President Street and Clinton Street.

BuzzFeed’s Anne Helen Petersen filmed passersby taking photos of the intersection with less than eight hours left until the polls close in New York state.

With the sun setting around 4:45pm ET, New Yorkers stopped by the intersection during the limited daylight hours to document the semi-ominous street signs.

It’s fate 🇺🇸 On the way to vote (sadly in a moral support capacity only…) #hillaryclinton #cobblehill

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Voted #imwithher #carrollgardens #presidentclinton #futureisfemale

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Random Clinton supporters aren’t the only folks who have noticed the intersection—Amanda Zinoman, a documentary film editor, is actually hosting a permitted, IRL block party later today between 7 and 10pm ET, complete with a projector screen and sound system. 

“We wanted President and Union but there’s a polling place there so we couldn’t do it,” Zinoman told Gothamist.

It would appear that Clinton Street also intersects with Kane Street— sure, it’s not the actual spelling of Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine‘s name, but close enough.

there’s only one way #election2016 @hillaryclinton @timkaine #strongertogether #brooklyn #cobblehill

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Regardless of what happens tonight, this intersection of President and Clinton Streets is a hell of a lot more hopeful than Trump and literally any corner of Fifth Avenue.

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