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The gun control debate is all about feral hogs now

Beware the feral hogs.


David Gilmour

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An earnest libertarian unintentionally spawned a meme frenzy on Monday after arguing that Americans needed access to assault rifles for defense against herds of feral hogs roaming the countryside.

Twitter user Willie McNabb was weighing in on a debate over gun control happening on Twitter in the wake of this weekend’s mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio.

Singer Jason Isbell was blasting the dispute between gun control advocates and pro-gun activists over what constitutes an “assault weapon” as a semantic one intended to shy away from the real debate on whether they are appropriate for civilian use or necessary. 

“Legit question,” McNabb, then interjected, before asking how Isbell proposed rural Americans defend their children from the feral hogs.

McNabb was just one of hundreds of replies, but his quickly became the focus of other users, who quickly roasted his tweet with hog memes and outlandish solutions to his problem.




Lots of people suggested that McNabb build a fence instead.


McNabb did attempt to engage, explaining that he did not own an assault rifle, but the internet mob was not to be reasoned with and the memes kept coming—just like the hogs.

Never try to argue anything online.


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