Former sheriff David Clarke said he will ‘b**ch slap’ the media, make them bleed


David Clarke, the controversial former sheriff of Milwaukee, said Saturday he wants to make the media bleed after reports surfaced that the FBI had investigated his emails.

The investigation related to an incident from January when he had a verbal exchange with a fellow airline passenger that allegedly caused Clarke to contact fellow police officers and command them to question the passenger after he stepped off the plane. The FBI reportedly was investigating any potential civil rights violations that occurred during that incident after the passenger, Dan Black, sued for what he said was the violation of his constitutional rights.

Though prosecutors eventually declined to file criminal charges, the news that Clarke’s emails had been under surveillance surfaced last week. And that led Clarke—who has faced controversy for his threats of violence and the four deaths that occurred in his jail in 2016—to go on a social media rant.

In a statement to Law & Crime, Clarke said he was not under FBI investigation, and it doesn’t appear that any media outlet reported that he was still being investigated. Clarke resigned as sheriff in August.

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Josh Katzowitz

Josh Katzowitz

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