woman speaking with caption 'my yoga teacher asked if I was pregnant' 'I have a belly' (l) woman speaking with caption 'my yoga teacher asked if I was pregnant' 'my yoga teacher asked me this morning how far along in my pregnancy I am' (c) woman speaking with caption 'my yoga teacher asked if I was pregnant' 'and that's alright' (r)

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‘I have a belly, and that’s all right’: Woman says yoga instructor asked how far along she is during class. She’s not pregnant

'Some bodies just look like this.'


Tricia Crimmins


Posted on Jul 27, 2023

A woman says that her yoga teacher asked her “how far along” in her pregnancy she is—but she isn’t pregnant.

Sarah (@sarahinyellow) says in a TikTok posted on July 9 that she went to yoga that morning, and her teacher asked, “How far along in the pregnancy are you?”

When Sarah responded that she wasn’t pregnant, she says that the yoga teacher “felt so bad” and apologizes multiple times.

“It’s OK, some bodies just look like this,” Sarah says she told her yoga teacher.

Sarah says she was frustrated with the teacher during the class because she had a hard time getting her mind off the incident.

“I’m really not mad at her. I’m just mad at beauty standards and all these things that make us feel like there has to be an explanation for why you have a belly,” Sarah says in her video, which on Thursday had over 2 million views. “I have a belly, and that’s all right.”

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One commenter said that asking someone if they’re pregnant is “insane and invasive,” and the teacher should have not asked it.

“How, in 2023, do we not know to ask this absolutely insane and invasive question?” @epclemente wrote. “I am so sorry.”

Other commenters shared that they had been asked if they were pregnant before and how it made them feel.

“I was pushing my NEWBORN week old child through Walmart and a family friend said ‘you’re pregnant again?! when are you due with this one?'” @ambco commented. “I SOBBED.”

“Omg I get this all the time because I carry all my weight in my middle,” @chelseyhenderson78 wrote. “It is so frustrating when people say it. I still struggle to move past it.”

In follow-up videos, Sarah says that though she felt mortified by the incident, she’s still showing up in her body “unapologetically” and living her best life.

“This is what my body looks like when I’m happy and healthy,” she wrote in a TikTok’s overlay text. “No explanation needed.”

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*First Published: Jul 27, 2023, 4:28 pm CDT