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‘Not even the HR manager who organized it came in’: Worker says company invited her to an in-office event for the ‘culture.’ She’s the only one who showed up

‘First mistake was having work drinks on a Friday.’


Melody Heald


A woman went viral on TikTok after she shared what it was like to come into the office for ‘office culture.’

TikTok user @kawaiiprincessv filmed herself in the cubicle of her office. In the clip, she reveals she showed up after she was told to “come back into the office for the culture.” The camera shifts to her computer screen, an event in her email inviting her to “Barefoot Fridays” for “office drinks from 4:30-5:30 pm.” She shows the time as being 4:47pm and the camera flips to a vacant office, showing not a person in sight.

“Not even the HR manager who organised it came in,” the worker added in the caption.

@kawaiiprincessv Not even the HR manager who organised it came in 🥲🙃 #officehumor #backtooffice #officeculture #officelife ♬ Dont Worry Be Hurt – There I Ruined It

The video amassed 106,000 views as of Friday, with many viewers criticizing the so-called “office culture.”

“Culture” = trying to make it fun to distract you from the crappy pay & below inflation pay rise if any at all,” one viewer expressed.

“Office culture is being micromanaged by neurotic and pointless bosses who worry too much about office politics,” a second said.

“Culture of CONTROL,” another agreed.

Others shared what they would’ve done if they were in the TikToker’s position.

“If this happened to me I’d be writing a very stern letter to the team. I would express this was a waste of energy & time & tactic used to lure us in!” one person shared.

“Babe, I don’t even bother acknowledging the invitation,” a second said.

“If your the only one they invited that showed up, id say it’s time to polish the Resume and leave that place. My2cents lol,” another stated.

“I can drink at 430 at home (and I do) without worrying about my ride home,” one viewer wrote.

Unfortunately, @kawaiiprincessv wasn’t the only one this has happened to. Another viral TikToker claimed that her job required the employees to show up to the office twice a week for “company culture.” In her video, she revealed an empty office except for herself, appearing to be the only one to adhere to this. 

Remote work was implemented during the pandemic and some companies continue to do use the new workplace structure today. However, there are companies that adopted the hybrid model, where a job requires you to come into the office for a certain amount of days and remotely work the other days. With some companies operating on a hybrid model or remote, there are those who ask for workers to come to the office for “office culture” but most fail to do so.

The Daily Dot reached out to @kawaiiprincessv via TikTok comment.

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