man speaking with caption 'so this woman posted a video of her parking in a spot' (l) woman in handicap parking spot with caption 'POV: parking at a handicap hahaha' (c) man speaking with caption 'and then mocking the way that some people with disabilities walk' (r)

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‘That is not funny at all’: Woman parks in handicap spot, mocks disabled people

'Why would she think that was even okay to post??'


Sarah Kester


Posted on Aug 29, 2023   Updated on Aug 29, 2023, 7:08 pm CDT

A man is calling out a woman on TikTok who posted a video of herself parking in a spot reserved for drivers with disabilities and mocking the way some disabled people walk.

TikTok Aubrey Smalls (@aubreysmalls), who is disabled, shared the now-deleted video that was originally posted by TikTok user @mrsscriracha. 

@aubreysmalls love your body no matter how different, and no matter what people say ❤️‍🔥 #bornthisway ♬ What Was I Made For (Piano) – T I H H

Captioned, “POV: parking at handicap,” the TikTok shows @mrsscriracha parked in a spot reserved for people with disabilities. She then pretends to be disabled by contorting her legs.

Aubrey shares the woman’s explanation for her controversial actions in a now-deleted explanation video from @mrsscriracha’s other account, @jenndasavage. 

“It’s dark humor. That’s how I cope,” she says in response to a comment that reads, “I bet she says ‘I only parked there for the video’ in her apology video.’” 

“I just want to know what you’re coping with and what that has to do with disabled people,” Aubrey addressed the woman in his video. 

The designated parking spaces are meant solely for those who are disabled or transporting a disabled person around. They are located close to the entrance of buildings, such as grocery stores and cinemas, and they are typically larger than a standard parking spot so disabled people have room to assemble or disable mobility equipment, such as a wheelchair.

There are laws against able-bodied people using these spots without a permit. Those who break these laws may be subject to fines, tickets, and towing.

In the clip, Aubrey then shows the woman’s response to another comment. “And you wonder why you can’t get up and walk. It’s because you’re so disrespectful,” she says. “I didn’t wish nothing bad on y’all.”

“She’s not the first person to do this, though,” Aubrey says while showing another clip of people mocking the way disabled people walk in order to use their designated parking spaces. “There’s lot of videos of people bragging about parking in spots for disabled people and then mocking the way that we walk as a joke.” 

He explains the way his walk has made him self-conscious over the years. “When I was a teenager, I spent so many years hiding away indoors because I was insecure about being made fun of for the way I walked,” he says.“

He ends the clip with a kind message about acceptance for the disabled community. “Your body is beautiful no matter what,” he says.

By Tuesday afternoon, Aubrey’s video had been viewed more than 11,600 views. The Daily Dot contacted Aubrey via TikTok comment. 

Commenters were also disappointed with the woman who mocked people with disabilities. 

“Why would she think that was even okay to post??” one user commented. “That’s sick,” added another, while a third commented, “That is not funny at all.”

Someone else didn’t buy her “dark humor” excuse. “A lot of ppl don’t understand the difference between dark humor and offensive ‘jokes.’ They are NOT the same thing,” user @chandlersparks wrote.

Aubrey was also praised for being a voice for the disabled community. “I have cerebral palsy so thank you for speaking on this,” a user commented.

Those who are disabled shared their own stories of people making fun of the way they walk.

“I’m neurodivergent, but I know what it’s like to be mocked for being oneself,” a third commented. “For the able-bodied, walk a mile in our shoes.”

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*First Published: Aug 29, 2023, 7:07 pm CDT