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Woman shares how she identified scammer who used her credit card—with the help of an Olaplex customer service rep

'Olaplex customer service is top tier.'


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Posted on Jan 9, 2023

It’s never fun finding out you’ve been scammed, especially when you have no idea how it happened. But a TikToker named Lauren (@absolutelylauren) posted a method that folks may want to try if they’ve ever had their credit card info nabbed online and want to locate the crook responsible.

She uploaded a now-viral TikTok that delineates how she was able to learn the identity and shipping address of the person who made a purchase on her credit card. Lauren says all she needed was the date, time, and amount of the transaction to get to the bottom of whoever scammed her.

“If you get your credit card stolen ever, just know that if you know how much the purchase was, and when they made it, you could get the full government name of the bastard that stole your card and their shipping address if it was an online purchase,” Lauren starts in the clip.

Lauren states how after she got a notification of a $135 purchase at haircare brand Olaplex’s online store, her first instinct was to ask her family members if any of them had used her card by mistake. She claims that it wouldn’t be the first time someone bought something using her card, so she wanted to make sure before canceling her card.

“I don’t wanna shut my card down if it’s just my mom ordering some shampoo,” she explains. “Definitely not my two younger brothers, they’ve got good hair but they don’t color it.”

After her family assured her it wasn’t any of them, Lauren says she decided to go to Olaplex’s customer support on the off-chance she can find out who it was. The customer service representative, Tanya, was extremely helpful, Lauren says.

“At this point, I’m willingly giving Tanya enough info to steal my card as well — she could have very well taken advantage of me in that moment but she didn’t,” Lauren jokes. “She comes back — tell me why she gave me the little scammer their full government name and address.”

Lauren reveals that the person was somebody in a small suburb in Texas. After snooping on Google Maps, the TikToker says she was even able to spot the pool in their backyard.

“They also did it on Black Friday so at least they got a deal I guess, it was the gift set,” Lauren continues. “And a man named Jason ordered it for his wife.”

Lauren says once she shared this information with her bank, Chase, they told her they would do their own investigation.

@absolutelylauren olaplex customer service is top tier 😤 #creditcardscam ♬ original sound – lauren

“I did get my card canceled and everything,” she concludes. “t was not a local slip-up. It was, in fact, a scam but yeah if you ever need it you can just go get that info right on your own.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Lauren via TikTok comment and Olaplex via email for further information.

FBI fraud consultant, author, and convicted felon Frank Abagnale Jr., who was the subject of the Steven Spielberg flick Catch Me if You Can, has promoted the use of credit cards over debit cards whenever you plan on making a purchase via card. His reason is that cash spent from a debit card is immediately taken out of one’s account, whereas with a credit card, it’s put on your balance. You can dispute a transaction and then still have your cash in your account to spend in the meantime.

TikTokers who saw Lauren’s post offered up some ways to get revenge against the scammer. One user on the platform asked where the thief in Texas was located so they could go there and scope out their home for her. Another said that they should sign them up for “scientology newsletters” because of how “relentless” the organization is.

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*First Published: Jan 9, 2023, 7:31 pm CST