young woman with caption 'me realizing that my ex cheating on me with his own mother is something that i should probably go to therapy for, and not just something that i just joke with my friends about'


‘He is the victim here’: Woman says her ex ‘cheated’ on her with his mother

‘Not your business to tell.’


Tricia Crimmins


A TikToker says that her ex “cheated” on her with his own mother.

In a TikTok posted yesterday, TikToker @upsetzucchini says that her ex cheated on her with his own mother and that she should probably “go to therapy” to process it.

“I be like ‘Ay remember that one time,’” @upsetzucchini wrote in the video’s caption about the incident.

On Monday, @upsetzucchini’s video had over 5 million views. The user did not respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment.

Many commenters expressed concern for her ex and said that the situation sounds less like cheating and more like abuse. 

“He is the victim here,” @hazelgreen555 commented.

“He needs therapy, too,” @peenilecancer wrote.

“I feel like you shouldn’t have posted this. Especially if he was groomed,” @pepryka commented. “Not your business to tell.”

Some urged the TikToker to report the situation to authorities. The ages of the TikToker and her ex are unclear, but her videos indicate that she’s no longer in high school.

“I’m sorry that happened but did you ever consider like… reporting that though??” @mx.omniverse wrote. “That’s [sexual assault] he’s a whole victim.”

“Not therapy,” @mius1a commented. “The police.”

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