Activists and directors of Planned Parenthood gathered New York City.

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18 Planned Parenthood patients share how the nonprofit has changed their lives for ‘Pink Out Day’

And no, it’s not just about abortion care.


Samantha Grasso


Planned Parenthood supporters are wearing pink today—at least on their social media profiles.

As part of the heath care organization’s “Pink Out Day” on March 29, Planned Parenthood called on patients and supporters to change their social media avatars to pink and share the hashtag #PinkOut as a way to show they stand with the nonprofit.

Some participants shared stories of their own experiences with Planned Parenthood, showing that the organization provides heath care in a variety of ways aside from abortion (which the group alleges comprise only 3 percent of their services). Many respondents emphasized how Planned Parenthood assisted them when they didn’t have insurance or much of an income.

Politicians and public figures from Sen. Elizabeth Warren to Little Miss Flint also joined the conversation, tweeted the hashtag with photos of their staff and a message of support to constituents who use Planned Parenthood services.

Celebrities too shared their support for “Pink Out Day,” and encouraged others to send the message.

It’s clear millions of women and men depend on the organization for low-cost, professional health care, which is why Planned Parenthood is so vital—particularly when the federal government isn’t so committed to paying for these services itself.

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