Indian woman matches with white man on Hinge

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‘My jaw is to the ground’: Indian woman matches with white man on Hinge—he says he has an Indian friend to set her up with

'That's cold and diabolical.'


Sarah Kester


Posted on Jul 24, 2023

TikTok users are outraged after a white man matched with an Indian woman on Hinge—and attempted to set her up with his Indian friend. 

Ridhi (@rshar123) was the Indian woman being courted. She posted the video of the strange encounter on Wednesday, July 19. By Monday, it had been viewed more than 564,900 times. 


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The TikTok starts with Ridhi showing a screenshot between her and a white man named Dave. 

He responds to her “liking” his photo by sending her a message that says, “Hey, I have an Indian friend who’d I’d love to set you up with!”

The clip then cuts to show Ridhi giving an unenthusiastic thumbs-up. The Daily Dot reached out to Ridhi via TikTok comment.

In the comments, people couldn’t believe that the man had the nerve to suggest that he wouldn’t consider dating her—but that she could date his Indian friend.

“What happened to hello? how are you?” one user wrote. “Matchmaker zone is crazy,” another person commented. A third was shocked, writing, “My jaw is to the ground.”

Dating as an Indian person can be complicated enough already—90% of marriages in India are arranged marriages—and many felt sorry for Ridhi and the response she got. 

“I would simply pass away,” this person wrote. “I’m screaming,” another added. A third commented, “Id actually cry.”

Although some believe that Dave had good intentions, it still didn’t excuse his tone-deaf actions. “He a real one but so wrong for that,” this person commented.

“I will never get over this,” another added. A third noted: “That’s cold and diabolical.”

Some users made references to Sima Taparia, popularly known as Sima Aunty, who is the matchmaker on Netflix’s Indian Matchmaker.

“Dave really said move over sima aunty,” this user shared. “Aunty sima is outsourcing,” another noted. 

“Omg Sima Auntie’s intern,” a third commented.

Other Indian commenters shared that they, too, were rejected on dating apps. “This literally happened to me too,” a woman shared. “This happened to me too, but at least he wasn’t that blunt about it LMAO,” another wrote.

But then there were a few commenters who said they understood Dave’s intentions. 

“I’ve done that before too! Where I’ve matched with a guy but thought he’d be a better with a friend it never hurts!!!” this person wrote. 

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*First Published: Jul 24, 2023, 5:57 pm CDT