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‘Those aren’t tacos’: White boss takes Mexican employee to Taco Bell when he suggests ‘Taco Tuesday’ for lunch, sparking debate

‘I think you should have been more specific.’


Melody Heald


A Mexican employee went viral on TikTok after revealing how his white boss took him to Taco Bell for lunch on ‘Taco Tuesday.’

User René Guerra (@renewar49) shared in a viral video how he told his boss that it was ‘Taco Tuesday’ so his boss offered to take him out for lunch. Guerra sits in the truck as he recounts the story, then shifts the camera to a Taco Bell location, laughing.

“Look where he brought me,” he says. He keeps cracking up and then turns the camera to his boss, who’s sitting in the driver’s seat, telling him that he specifically asked for “Mexican tacos.”

“You said you wanted tacos, asshole,” the boss says, jokingly flipping him off.

@renewar49 Taco 🌮 Tuesday 😂😂 #tacotuesday #fyp #fypシ #madboss #ayguey #lol #funnyvideo #parati #viraltiktok #viralvideo ♬ original sound – René Guerra

The video racked up 315,000 views as of Sunday, with viewers finding the humor in the boss’s misunderstanding.

“Boss is going to get you 2 tacos and a job application,” one user joked.

“Better watch out. He’s looking at the now hiring sign for you,” another agreed.

However, there were some people playfully critical of the situation.

“Omg…I cried when someone said they would bring me tacos and they brought this…like what is this,” one person shared.

“”MF Taco Bell‼️no way .. those are not tacos bro‼️” a second commented.

“I think you should have been more specific! Taco truck Tuesday,” another viewer pointed out.

“Your boss really said “I know a place” and took you to the lowest point in life,” a user shared.

In a follow-up video, Guerra placated viewers by introducing his boss to “real tacos.” In the clip, the boss tries authentic Mexican tacos from a paper plate.

“There you go! Don’t ever take me to your white tacos ever again!” Guerra jokes. His boss reminds him that Mexican people like Taco Bell, too.

To which Guerra replied, “Ah, that’s true.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Guerra for comment via TikTok comment.

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