person speaking with hand up to mouth on train with caption 'um and someone fully like saw us going past and yelled out from his car cripple' (l) people speaking with caption 'so we just got Hate Crimed and I'm really excited about it' (c) person speaking on train with caption 'and like we're both just really chopped that it's finally happened' (r)


‘Thoughtless and ignorant’: Wheelchair user excited about ‘hate crime’ faces backlash

'We just got hate crimed and I'm really excited about it.'


Tricia Crimmins


Posted on Jan 18, 2023

A TikToker who uses a wheelchair posted a video this week saying they were “excited” about having just been the victim of a “hate crime.” They’ve since received backlash via TikTok duet, stitches, and comments.

In a TikTok posted by, the user says they and their friend, Alice, “just got hate crimed.” Both of them use wheelchairs, the TikTok shows.

“And I’m really excited about it!” says.

The TikToker explains that someone saw the pair and yelled “cripple.” says they responded by yelling “yeah!” excitedly.

“It’s never happened like that before,” says and describes the other hateful comments they’ve received about their body. “It was comical. Like, the perfect hate crime.”

The TikToker has since deleted both the TikTok account and the video—which has been re-uploaded by other TikTokers—and didn’t immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment.

@akaklourdes.996 reupload 🫶🏾 muah this is the original #ijustgothatecrimedandimsuperexcitedaboutit ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

TikTokers have made their own videos in response to’s video, many saying that it exhibits’s white privilege.

Following the backlash, commented on a video saying that they are “BIPOC,” which means Black, Indigenous, or person of color. In other videos of’s, the TikToker says they are Kaurna and Ngarrindjeri, both Aboriginal groups.

Others say that despite their identity,’s white skin means that the world perceives them as white, affording them privilege.

Reactions to’s excitement over being the victim of a hate crime have ranged from cringing to explanations about the ins and outs of oppression.

User @slander_mander duetted the video and said she had “secondhand embarrassment” from watching it. @babiethebunnie said in their stitch of the video that “some white people who are a part of a marginalized community just really get off on any amount of oppression that they may face.”

“Because they have the privilege of viewing it as a form of validation,” @babiethebunnie says.

In another stitch of’s video, @mckenzien made a similar point, saying that “being hate crimed should not be used a trophy to show that you’re oppressed.”

“Do you not consider the other minorities within so many other communities who have feared for their lives after being hate crimed?” @mckenzien says. “Congrats on making the most thoughtless and ignorant post on TikTok.”

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*First Published: Jan 18, 2023, 6:00 pm CST