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‘Offer her a discount on her next wedding’: Bride asks for refund after photographer sleeps with groom

‘It’s not your fault that she married him.’


Sarah Kester


Here comes the bride—asking for a refund. A wedding photographer on Reddit says that a bride is seeking full compensation after the photographer’s assistant slept with the groom. 

This may sound like the plot line of a sitcom or soap opera, but it’s the harsh reality facing one wedding photographer on Reddit. 

The story was shared by Wedding_dude on the Wedding Photography subreddit. The user began by explaining that they hired a second shooter they found online to help them photograph a wedding earlier this summer. 

Everything seemed “business as usual” at first, according to the redditor. After the wedding, the photos were edited and delivered to the client. 

But everything changed when the redditor received a shocking email from the bride. 

“She was wanting a refund because the lady I had hired as second shooter for the day ended up sleeping with her husband at some point after the wedding, and she also included photos from his phone to prove it,” the photographer wrote. They later shared that these images were pornographic. 

Since the affair has nothing to do with the photography, their initial thought was to reject the refund. “She hired me for a job and the job was completed and product was delivered,” the user wrote. 

“I also feel like this would be as if I were a professional dog walker who walked a client’s dog, then came back and shot it later.”

But since they also felt compassion for the bride’s situation, they turned to Reddit for advice. 

The post quickly went viral, with many agreeing that the bride isn’t obligated to a refund. 

“Tell them you are sorry to hear that but there isn’t a way for you to refund for a service that has been completed per your contract,” user @austinolet wrote. 

“The second shooter is a contractor who I will not work with again but she is not directly involved with my business. I can not refund you because something unfortunate happened that I had no control over,” they added. 

“This sounds harsh, but her husband was going to cheat on her regardless of who your second shooter was,” another commented. “It’s not your fault that she married him.”

Since it’s recommended that the bride divorces her husband, this gave one user a bold idea: “Offer her a discount on her next wedding,” @BryanScottJones wrote. 

Many saw payback as the only option. “This is obvious. It should be in your contract. Offer to sleep with the bride,” a user commented.  

After some asked to hear the second shooter’s side of the story, the redditor shared in a comment that the woman initially denied the claims. 

She only changed her story once the images were mentioned, claiming that she thought it was OK since the husband said that he and his wife were in an open relationship. 

Ultimately, people believe that the only person who broke a contract was the husband when he broke his wedding vows to his wife. 

“Her husband broke the contract HE made with her. You did not. She can ask him for compensation. It’s gross that your 2nd slept with a (married) client. But ultimately, they are 2 adults that you aren’t responsible for and don’t control,” user Cheezy_Blazterz wrote. 

“It’s an ugly situation, and I feel bad for the bride. But she’s surely come to the painful realization that she married a total turd, and she’s just trying to cut her loses. But marrying him isn’t your mistake to pay for.”

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