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Bride-to-be starts chain of generosity, offers wedding dress to flood victims

Dozens of women on Reddit are offering up their dresses to brides in need.


Jessica Machado


Posted on Sep 7, 2016   Updated on May 26, 2021, 2:04 am CDT

“Pay it forward” has become almost a casual cliché, an act that is rarely put into real practice. But yesterday a bride-to-be, who had previously received a free wedding dress from a redditor, took to Reddit to give the dress to anyone who had lost theirs in the recent Louisiana flood. 

What happened next would make even the greatest cynic well up with tears.

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Soon after redditor HumerusDoggo posted the “If you lost your dress, I want to replace it for you” thread on r/weddingplanning, dozens of women chimed in to offer flood victims their used and unused wedding dresses. 

One woman, who said her co-worker had lost her dress in seven inches of floodwater, was immediately greeted with several options for the victim to choose from. Another woman said she had a collection of dresses she’d be willing to donate, as long as someone could pay for the shipping—which others quickly offered to do.

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A few in the thread didn’t have a dress to donate, nor were they in need, but had stopped by to thank those who were kind enough help out. 

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In her original post, HumerusDoggo said that she got the idea after returning home to Baton Rouge to help with flood relief and noticed that things were much worse than what she had seen on social media. “This has by far been the hardest part of moving away,” she said in a comment. “Luckily mine and my FH’s family were all OK, he had a family member with some damage, but nothing near as destructive as some got.” 

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*First Published: Sep 7, 2016, 2:33 pm CDT