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‘That’s not luck, that’s Walmart policy’: Customer buys items for lower, mislabeled price after disagreement with workers

‘She couldn’t stand that you actually knew the policy.’


Cecilia Lenzen


A Walmart customer called out two employees in a viral TikTok video, saying they didn’t know the store’s policy about mislabeled items.

The customer, named Roland Toliver-Griff on TikTok (@rolandtolivergriffin2), recorded the two employees saying he was “lucky” that they discounted a mislabeled item for him. But he says it’s Walmart policy to charge customers the displayed price of an item even if it’s mislabeled.

“Consider yourself lucky,” one employee says as she adjusts the item’s price at the self-checkout counter. Toliver-Griff was quick to correct her, saying, “No, that’s not luck. That’s Walmart policy.”

The employees say it’s not Walmart policy, but the TikToker says it was when he worked there. He says he worked for Walmart for seven years, and it was always the policy to follow the mislabeled price if two or more items were incorrectly labeled.

“Unless y’all changed [the policy], it’s like that,” Toliver-Griff says. He adamantly denies being “lucky.”


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TikTok viewers sided with the customer, claiming that he was right about Walmart’s label policy.

“She couldn’t stand that you actually knew the policy [laughing emoji] I love it,” one viewer commented.

“Consider yourself lucky??? Wth,” another stated.

Someone else wrote, “Period …. Policy I worked for them too lol [laughing emoji]. Not like it’s her money lol.”

Other former Walmart employees chimed in about current employees not following the store’s policies.

“Worked for Walmart 6 years and they think they slick now a days!! Lmao,” one user said.

“Walmart in Green Bay doesn’t follow that rule at all. They just play the blame game,” a second added.

The Daily Dot reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and to Walmart via email.

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