Walmart employees with blue pickup bins and caption 'pick up should have a limit' (l) Walmart reserved parking for Pickup orders sign (c) Walmart blue pickup bins and caption 'pick up should have a limit' (r)

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‘You all abuse the power’: Walmart worker slams customers who order too much for pick-up

'What's worse is when they ask what's taking so long. Like you know damn why.'


Brooke Sjoberg


Posted on Feb 22, 2023

A Walmart employee’s video showing a large pickup order and criticizing the grocery chain’s lack of a limit on the amount of merchandise that can be purchased and picked up has resonated with viewers on TikTok.

The clip, shared by user Liz (@worsepersonintheworld), has drawn over 600,000 views on the platform. The video shows more than 10 order totes stacked and waiting for pickup, with the TikToker noting that the items are all for one order.

@worsepersonintheworld All one order too you all abuse the power #ogp z#fypシ ♬ som original – isa ✩

“All one order too, you all abuse the power,” the caption reads.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Walmart directly via its website contact form regarding the video, as well as to Liz via a comment on the video as other methods of contact could not be identified.

Viewers with similar experiences shared their own gripes about working for order pickup.

“They be arriving in the smallest car possible too,” one commenter wrote.

“‘Hope there enough room back there,’ has like 3 strollers and a suitcase in the trunk,” another joked.

“What’s worse is when they ask what’s taking so long,” a third added. “like you know damn why.”

Some viewers shared that they had good reason to order large amounts of groceries for pickup, or that seeing videos like this one discouraged them from using the service.

“This makes me sad. I LOVED this feature but to see all the complaints and judgments from the workers I don’t want to use it anymore,” one commenter wrote.

“Dude I have kids, nearest Walmart is an hour away from me. It saves me money and time doing pick up,” another explained. “I hella appreciate you people.”

“I only did this one time at HEB,” a further user added. “I bought a massive amount of groceries. I was getting induced the next day and needed to stock up.”

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*First Published: Feb 22, 2023, 8:47 am CST