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‘They’re giving red flags, you saved yourself’: Woman says her Walmart job offer was rescinded, given to another candidate

'Someone on the team even told me 'NEGOTIATE HARD!!''


Vladimir Supica


Posted on Feb 8, 2023   Updated on Feb 8, 2023, 2:51 pm CST

In a viral TikTok video, a woman says her job offer was reportedly rescinded by Walmart at the very end of the recruitment process.

The video, originally posted by user Em (@cabbageloverrr) on Feb. 4, has managed to garner widespread attention, accumulating over 591,200 views as of Wednesday.

@cabbageloverrr Someone on the team had even told me “NEGOTIATE HARD!! They have room to go up!”🥲 #corporatelife #joboffernegotiations ♬ original sound – Em

In the video, the TikToker claims she was in the midst of the recruitment process for a job at Walmart and while discussing her salary, received a range of total compensation and base salary from her recruiter. 

After going through the entire interview process, she was excited to receive an offer but was shocked when the offer came from an entirely different recruiter. She also claims the compensation was not within the range that was originally given.

“To clarify, the base salary was within that range, on the low, low end of it, and then the total comp was not in the range,” Em says in the clip. “So I shared with the recruiter, ‘I’m really, really excited about this role, I really loved this team, but I was anchored around the range that I was originally given.'”

According to the TikToker, when she tried to renegotiate her salary requirements back to the range that was first mentioned by the original recruiter, the company came back to her saying they could not meet her requirements. They reportedly said the offer would then be given to someone else. 

With her previous experiences with companies like Apple, Square, and Plaid, Em says she’s never had an offer completely rescinded while negotiating. “None of them have rescinded the offer because of the salary I’m asking for, which is within the original range that the recruiter told me,” she explains.

The TikToker then reveals she even tried to accept the lower offer, but that the recruiter said it was too late. “I even said like, ‘Can I just take the current offer?’ and they’re like, ‘no, we’re just not aligned,’” Em recalls. “Like, I’m literally dropping down to meet you and we are aligned now but nope, too late.”

Additionally, Em stated in the clip’s caption that one of the workers encouraged her to negotiate for a higher salary. “Someone on the team even told me ‘NEGOTIATE HARD!! They have room to go up!'”

In the comments section, users were offered words of encouragement for the TikToker and criticized Walmart, a corporation that is no stranger to controversy on the video-sharing platform.

“Thank you for name dropping them at the end! We really should be sharing this kind of stuff like this so their credibility takes the hit too,” one user said.

“Walmart Corp is NOT it. You dodged a bullet girl,” a second added.

“HR person here! I’m really sorry this happened, not only is this not normal this is SUCH a red flag,” a further commenter claimed.

Responding to all the positive feedback the video received, Em posted a follow-up video to thank everyone, but also speaking about dealing with the issues related to the ongoing tech layoffs in the market and the struggles workers are currently facing in that industry.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Em via TikTok comment and to Walmart via their website contact form.

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*First Published: Feb 8, 2023, 2:50 pm CST