Walmart cart full of groceries with tag on handle 'EXPRESS DELIVERY' with caption 'this blank should be illegal' (l) Zebra scanner displaying 52/72 items with caption 'this blank should be illegal' with Walmart logo at bottom (c) Walmart cart full of groceries with caption 'this blank should be illegal' (r)


‘This sh*t should be illegal’: Walmart worker has to pick 72-item express order in less than an hour

‘Like why put me through all that pressure for the pay rate I’m getting.’


Melody Heald


In a viral TikTok, a Walmart worker voiced her thoughts about having to pick out a 72-item express grocery order in under an hour.

In the six-second clip, TikTok user Kayla (@kaylaflinderss) revealed a shopping cart filled to the brim with items. Then, she panned to her Zebra grocery scanning device, which showed that she had shopped 52 out of 72 items.

The TikToker then showed that the order needed to be completed by 7:12 p.m., and it was 6:26 p.m.

“This shit should be illegal,” Kayla wrote in a text overlay. She paired the text with audio of a woman saying, “pick somebody else,” to express her feelings about fulfilling the order.

Despite the audio and text, Kayla does not seem upset about the large order. She wrote in the caption, “i’m too quick with it.”

@kaylaflinderss i’m too quick with it #ogp #ogpwalmart #walmartogp ♬ original sound – Julian Hagins

The video racked up over 213,000 views as of March 1 and resonated with alleged current and former Walmart employees.

“This was exactly me last night,” one viewer wrote.

“Man especially when I’m finna go on lunch or home. Nahhhhh get somebody else to do it,” a second commented.


Some viewers even shared the giant express orders they received at their stores.

“I did a 74 order express yesterday and had to grab a second cart cause it was so much,” one person shared.

“Bro we had one that had 92 items once it was absurd,” a second wrote.

“I literally had to a 94 items one the other day,” a third disclosed.

However, other viewers said that they enjoy shopping for large orders.

“I work personal shopping as well and it’s therapeutic to me. I love the bigger orders lol,” one user shared.

“I want this at my store so bad I love going fast,” a second stated.

“Bruh I got anxiety this job would be too easy. I’d be bolting through that,” a third echoed.

The Daily Dot reached out to Kayla via TikTok comment and Walmart via media relations form.

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