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‘Dinner and a show’: Customer says their waiter got fired while serving them

'Almost sounds like they walked out instead.'


Cecilia Lenzen


Posted on Feb 22, 2023

A restaurant customer on TikTok says his waiter may have gotten fired while in the midst of serving him and his partner.

The customer, Toby Joshua (@toby_joshua), posted a video on TikTok explaining what happened. After he and his partner ordered, the server brought them the wrong drinks and the wrong size soup, he says. And then everything else they ordered was incorrect, too.

“Me and my partner are not somebody who complains about food,” Joshua explains in the video. “It was still good food, it just wasn’t we ordered, but we’re not going to complain. We’ve both worked in restaurants.”

The TikToker says it was “fascinating” that as soon as their food came out, another worker, presumably the manager, walked by and seemed to notice something was wrong. Immediately after that, Joshua’s server “disappeared,” and the manager took over taking care of his table.

He did not mention the restaurant where the incident took place.

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Some viewers agreed that it seems like the waiter got fired, while others guessed that he walked out voluntarily.

“Yep, he was out the door probably. as a manager I’m pretty forgiving until it becomes repetitive,” one viewer commented.

“This happened to me at Red Robin once and the waiter ran around the floor screaming and yelling. Dinner and a show,” a second wrote.

A third claimed, “Almost sounds like they walked out instead.”

Others weighed in on Joshua’s admission that he doesn’t send wrong orders back.

“I would say something if my order was that wrong because it could be that you were getting someone order. And someone is getting yours,” one user said.

Another wrote, “I send back food I didn’t order. As someone who worked in food service, mistakes happen and that happening once isn’t a big deal.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Joshua via TikTok comment for more information.

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*First Published: Feb 22, 2023, 9:19 am CST