UPS employee receives letter and token from ceo tiktok


‘Where’s the bonus check?’: UPS driver who went viral receives a UPS coin as thank-you from CEO, sparking debate

‘That’s crazy. A multi-millionaire gifted you a novelty coin.’


Brooke Sjoberg


A UPS driver who went viral on TikTok for explaining what it takes to work for the company has shared an update featuring the reaction from his employer.

TikToker Mykol Gummings (@mykol_gummings) shared a secondary video to let his viewers know that the CEO of United Parcel Service sent him a challenge coin for his promotion of the company’s high rate of worker compensation.

“This is too dope,” he says in the video. “The UPS CEO just sent me a letter. It reads, ‘Dear Mykol, I watched the awesome TikTok video of you sharing how well UPS drivers are compensated. Please let me know that video made my day. I want to personally express my gratitude to you for being a terrific brand ambassador. Thank you for helping spread the word about how UPS is a great place to work. As a small token of appreciation, please accept this UPS challenge coin reserved for UPSers who go above and beyond.””

@mykol_gummings Young and Blessed! 🤎🤎🤎.. I still want my check though 🌚 @UPS #UPSman #upstiktok #upsdriver #upsforlife #deliveryheroes #deliveryman ♬ original sound – Mykol Gummings

While he appreciated the challenge coin, he shared that he still expected additional compensation for the video, tagging UPS in the caption.

“Shout out to UPS,” he says. “I still want my check though.”

Some viewers thought Gummings should have received additional compensation for advertising the company.

“They gave you a coin bruh?” one commenter wrote. “If they don’t give you a raise.”

“Damn if it were my company and I were that grateful I’d send him a bonus, not a friggin coin,” another said. “But awesome they showed appreciation to you.”

“My man giving them free marketing and they compensate him with a medal?” a third viewer added. “You deserve a raise.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Gummings via Instagram direct message, as well as to UPS directly via email, but did not receive responses as of publication time.

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