How to safely celebrate Valentine’s Day during a pandemic

Here’s a hot Valentine’s Day date idea: Stay home.


Marisa Losciale


Posted on Jan 29, 2021   Updated on Jan 29, 2021, 2:15 pm CST

With February just around the corner, I’m sure a lot of people are looking for safe Valentine’s Day date ideas. While the option with the least risk is clearly just staying home, some of us are itching to leave our residences. After almost a year of being inside, I understand that we all need a bit of fresh air and sunshine in our lives. And given that Valentine’s Day 2021 falls on a Sunday this year, it seems like the perfect excuse to get out. Just remember if you do choose to go anywhere, you need to do so with an abundance of caution. 

We at the Dot have nothing but your best health in mind, which is why we’ve thrown together this list of suggestions for celebrating V-Day conscientiously. 

How to celebrate V-Day safely: Valentine’s Day ideas for couples that prioritize safety

Any other year, your Valentine’s Day plans likely included a trip to your downtown metro area. Maybe dinner and a show? Or a spa day courtesy of your love? This year, things are much different. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy yourselves and do something special! Your overall health includes your mental health, so if cabin fever has got to you, you’re not the only one. Just remember that if you choose to go out, you need to mask up! 

Go for a long romantic walk in your neighborhood or at the local preserve

There’s nothing better than getting out of the house you’ve been confined to for so long. You just have to be mindful about it. While being outside is definitely safer than choosing to walk around the department store up the block from you, it still has risks to it. Traveling outside of your community increases the chances of spreading COVID-19. And since hotspots have popped up like no one’s business, it’s become difficult to keep track of them all. So if you don’t have to travel to another county or state, you shouldn’t be doing so. That’s not to say that your community is completely free of the virus––we just don’t need to be opening up an interstate for COVID-19. 

That said, even though you’re outside you need to wear a proper mask and practice social distancing. I promise you’ll still smell the sweet fragrance of the outdoors through your surgical mask.

Have a movie night inside a pillow fort 

Staring at the same four walls of your home is bound to get to you at some point. So why not cover them up and build the ultimate fort using every pillow, cushion, and blanket you can find? Awaken your inner child and get to work! You can either take the time to build it together, or you can prepare your pillow palace as part of the surprise for your partner. Whatever you choose to do, don’t forget the charger for your laptop (or mini projector), and remember to bring on the hot chocolate! 

If you have the ability to rent out a theater or restaurant, go for it! 

If you don’t want to have a movie night at home, you may not have to. Not every movie theater or restaurant is offering this exclusive experience, but some are, so it’s worth looking into. Sooner rather than later, of course. Select AMC movie theaters and local restaurants are giving their patrons the option to buy out their theaters or dining rooms for about $100 or so. Prices do vary, so don’t hold me to that number. 

And while you will still need to wear a mask on your way into the joint, at least you can breathe easy knowing that you’re not coming into direct contact with anyone who is not wearing one. This is a great happy medium for people that desperately need to leave their apartments but don’t want to risk exposing themselves to yet another COVID-tainted anti-masker. I would also recommend getting a COVID test and quarantining in your home for two weeks before going as a courtesy to the employees of these establishments. 

Convert your bedroom and bathroom into a spa-like experience

If you’re looking for something that will really bring the two of you together, there’s nothing quite like a romantic at-home spa! Light a couple of candles, put fresh sheets on the bed, and fill the tub with bubbles, rose petals, and maybe some CBD bath salts? If you don’t have a tub, fear not!  All you need is some fresh lavender or eucalyptus (you can get these at your local health food store or florist) to hang from your shower head and voila! A soothing and sensual experience awaits. You can wrap it up with some fancy face masks, gua sha, and of course, indulging each other with a couples massage.

Turn your kitchen into a professional sweets shop

This will require more preparation than anything else on this list, but it’s totally doable (and completely heartwarming to say the least). The fastest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach––or at least that’s what my very Italian family believes. Regardless of whether you have experience cooking gourmet meals or not, I’m a true believer that anyone can follow cooking directions. Especially when it’s as simple as melting chocolate and dipping tasty things into it. Chocolate covered strawberries, stove-top S’mores, caramel dip with pineapple–– whatever your loved one’s sweet tooth desires can be whipped up with ease! You don’t even need one of those fancy fondue sets. A few pots and some skewers will do the trick. Just please, please, keep the whipped cream away from your genitals. That’s a recipe for a yeast infection and nothing else. 

These are just a few of the safe Valentine’s Day date ideas you and your honey could partake in. There’s really no need to stress over Valentine’s Day plans. After all, the day is about spending time with the one you love. As long as you’re together, you’ll have a blast. 

However, if you do choose to venture into the outside world, please do so cautiously. This means adhering to social distancing regulations and mask guidelines. Currently, Dr. Fauci recommends that people wear two masks to combat the spread of the more contagious COVID strains. We recommend layering a surgical mask underneath a reusable mask or another disposable mask

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*First Published: Jan 29, 2021, 2:08 pm CST