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‘I’d rather be told straight up’: Twin Peaks worker says she was told to ‘work on her fitness,’ fired with ‘no explanation’

'We're not gonna go forward with training you.'


Phil West


Posted on Feb 13, 2023

A TikToker who briefly worked at a Twin Peaks restaurant alleges she was fired with “no explanation” but was also told to “work on her fitness.”

The original video was posted to TikTok on Thursday by creator Genesis (@hennydripz), gathering more than 120,000 views. In this first video, she discusses being onboarded by a Twin Peaks location in a suburb of Austin, Texas, including an interview, orientation, and then two days of lunch shifts going from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. However, she says that at 3 p.m. during her second lunch shift, she was told her services would no longer be needed.

“Three o’clock, they want to fucking come up to me and tell me, hey, we’re not gonna go forward with training you,” she says. “No reason, no reason, but right before that, they want to fuckin’ tell me, ‘Oh, corporate says that … you need to work on your fitness,'” Genesis adds, before professing to not care if they labeled her as “fat.”

@hennydripz Mind you almost everyone there is white or just has light skin, they make you buy a belt, snow boots, and low rise jean shorts before you start which is about $80-$100. Fuck twin peaks🖕🏽 No explanation just you’re fired? @twinpeaksrestaurants ♬ original sound – genesis .

She went on to explain that there was a representative “from corporate” who initiated her firing, implying that the manager who had hired her was not directly responsible. She also notes that, in order to be fully available for the Twin Peaks job, she had quit her previous job.

She concludes the initial video wondering if there was discrimination in play, noting in her video’s accompanying comment, “Mind you, almost everyone there is white or just has light skin.”

Genesis also commented that she had to make several purchases in preparation to work there, noting, “they make you buy a belt, snow boots, and low rise jean shorts before you start which is about $80-$100.”

According to the chain’s website, it offers a sports bar experience appealing to what they punningly call “mantality.” Twin Peaks is part of a class of sports bar restaurants known derisively as “breastaurants,” in which a predominantly male clientele is served by scantily-clad waitresses.

The creator recorded a follow-up video and posted it on TikTok Friday, challenging the allegation she needed to “work on her fitness” by saying she goes to the gym daily. She also wrote, in the comment to that video, “Thanks to everyone leaving one-star reviews on Yelp. I think it’s effecting their rates (sic) now cuz they are texting me now.”

@hennydripz Replying to @hennydripz thanks to everyone leaving one star reviews on yelp. I think its effecting their rates now cuz they are texting me now. (Ive been through an interview, orientation, first day of training, secand day of training, and had left my other job when i was fired) i also go to the gym everyday and prolly would’ve changed in a month or two. @twinpeaksrestaurants ♬ original sound – genesis .

Commenters were supportive of her plight, with some underscoring her claims about Twin Peaks with complaints of their own.

“I walked in for an interview ’cause I had called ahead and the minute the manager saw me, she had told me I don’t fit their beauty standards,” one user wrote.

The creator responded, “I wish they did that to me instead of making me spend my money and quitting my job. I’d rather be told straight up than waste my time.”

Another noted, “Clearly they ain’t never seen a Filipina body, and if you a hater of curves, just say that.”

In a subsequent video posted on Sunday, she said she had not been paid yet and that the restaurant was dealing with the Yelp review-bombing her video was allegedly encouraging.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Genesis and Twin Peaks for comment.

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*First Published: Feb 13, 2023, 11:26 am CST