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‘I understand that it’s a fish’: Trader Joe’s customer shows salmon with fin still attached

‘The Trader Joe’s parking lot is as traumatic as being out in the sea.’


Audra Schroeder


TikToker Ollie B (@oliverjbrenner) issued a call to “whoever is in charge of cutting the salmon at Trader Joe’s” after discovering something was left behind.

Trader Joe’s hasn’t had the best track record lately with food quality; customers are allegedly finding bugs in their packaged rice and rocks in their cooked falafel.

But this story was a little different: Ollie held up the piece of salmon to show it still has a fin.

“I understand that it’s a fish,” he says in the TikTok, which on Wednesday had more than 1.8 million views. “But there’s a reason why I’m buying it from Trader Joe’s and I’m not out in the f*cking sea going fishing for it.”

“The Trader Joe’s parking lot is as traumatic as being out in the sea,” said one commenter.

Salmon fins are edible, and there are recipes for them. But seeing one on a piece of fish is still a little jarring.


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Trader Joe’s last had a fish recall in 2020. Over the summer, TikToker Hannah Matson found what she called “parasites” in her salmon fillets, though wild-caught salmon can potentially have parasites. Freezing it before serving or cooking the fish kills them.

More recently, Trader Joe’s recalled multigrain crackers that potentially contained pieces of metal and broccoli cheese soup that allegedly contained insects.

Ollie made the salmon TikTok a duet, and the reactions to the fin reveal make it a little less upsetting.

“I got chicken wings that still had feathers,” said a commenter on @sarahs2today’s duet.

The Daily Dot reached out to Ollie and Trader Joe’s for comment.

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