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These are Google’s most-searched New Year’s resolutions

How to cook lentils? Really?


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In an effort to help people decide on what New Year’s resolution to commit to in 2016, Google—by way of TIME—has released a top 10 list of popular searches to inspire each and every one of you.

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What Google did was hand pick the most popular “how-to” questions searched in the U.S. during the week leading up to New Year’s Day 2015, and the week that followed the big day.

Most of these results are interesting in that they point to the basic aspirational resolutions people make each and every year. From healthier eating to career changes, these highly searched terms point to the desire for a better life.

Even if kale chips and lentils are an acquired taste, those results make way more sense than the beanie thing. Maybe it was unnaturally cold in America the first week of the year? Thanks Obama!

  1. how to get rid of stress
  2. how to make kale chips
  3. how much water should i drink to lose weight
  4. how to write a resignation letter
  5. how to cook lentils
  6. how to cook cabbage
  7. how to write a letter of recommendation
  8. how to cook collard greens
  9. how to steam broccoli
  10. how to crochet a beanie

Illustration by Max Fleishman

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