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‘They gave her 7 lbs of cake smashed together’: Customer orders surplus pastries from Too Good to Go. She gets a pile of cake

‘I got 8 of the dryest cupcakes I’ve ever touched for $6.’


Sarah Kester


While the premise of Too Good to Go sounds good—companies sell their unsold food to customers to eliminate food waste—some foods may belong in the garbage. 

Case in point: A woman ordered surplus pastries from a bakery using the app and ended up with seven pounds of cake smashed together.

@allyy.kattt But ofc we still ate it! This made me laugh so hard #toogoodtogo #fy #bakery ♬ kardashianicon krisjenner – kardashianicon

The viral video was posted on TikTok by user Ally (@allyy.katt). While a voiceover of Kris Jenner talks about a mistake needing a redo, a pile of cake sits on a table covered in plastic wrap.

“My friend did ‘Too Good To Go’ thinking she’d get assorted pastries and they gave her 7lbs of cake smashed together,” the text onscreen explains.

By Wednesday, Ally’s video had been viewed more than 666,400 times. In the comments, people explained how the “surprise bags” from Too Good To Go can be hit-or-miss.

“Too good to go is like catching the food just before the lid closes on the dumpster,” one user wrote. 

“I got 8 of the dryest cupcakes I’ve ever touched for $6,” another shared. “Like I can’t eat this and now it’s going in my trash instead of theirs.”

A third commented, “I got a pint container of old rice for $7. I deleted the app.”

But there were some viewers who said they would’ve been delighted to receive seven pounds of cake.

“This would be my ideal bag,” this person wrote. “A win is a win,” another user added.

A third person also received a pile of cake from the app. “I got that once too, I was so disappointed but the second I tried it, all the complaints were gone and I was just eating plain cake all day,” they wrote.

Another woman shared that a “cake dump” is common among bakers and cake artists. 

“My best friend’s step mom is a cake decorator and we used to eat this all the time and call it ‘cake dump’,” they shared.

The Daily Dot contacted Too Good to Go via their website and Ally via TikTok comment. 

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