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This secret tipper is leaving thousands of dollars all over the country

Who is this good Samaritan?


Fernando Alfonso III


Since September, one person has left more than $54,000 worth of gratuity at restaurants around the country—crazy tips, like $1,000 on a $152 tab. Who is this good Samaritan? All we know is that he or she goes by tipsforjesus on Instagram

A few photos show people posing with their receipts.

The tipster, who resides somewhere in in Southern California, is serious about making sure the tips get to the right person.

About a week ago, a waiter from a restaurant in Notre Dame commented on a photo, claiming tipsforjesus’s $10,000 tip never went through.

“Notre Dame is stiffing you?” tipsforjesus wrote. “Hmmm, let me make sure the charges went through since they claim they did not. If they’re lying to you, I can talk to AMEX about it, then you should get a lawyer, and call the local paper and ESPN. What they’re doing flys in the face of what Jesus would do.”

Here are some others:

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