These college students’ bizarre Tinder story is a modern love saga

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Tinder love story

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This is what romance has been reduced to in 2016: A student at West Virginia University scored a date after noticing that a girl’s Tinder profile photo was actually taken in his bathroom. 

Mark Kowalczyk, 19, was scrolling through Tinder when he noted a familiar pile of clothes in the bottom corner of Jenna Zagrodniczek’s photo. TL;DR: Zagrodniczek attended one of his house parties—and was apparently feeling her look—but the two never actually met. 

Their star-crossed saga across multiple social platforms went bonkers on Twitter, where people to started campaigning for them to meet. 

The two did actually match on Tinder, and they have plans to meet up around Halloween, Zagrodniczek confirmed to BuzzFeed

Kowalczyk also joked about “taking a picture together in the bathroom.”

That’s one way to get her back to your place. 

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