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A TikTok of a girl getting an abortion is going viral—and the internet is divided

The video’s comedic tone has struck a nerve with conservatives.


Esther Bell


A girl’s TikTok of her friend getting an abortion is going viral and dividing the internet. TikTok user @cpcake21 posted a video of her friend, Ashley, getting an abortion. The TikTok starts by showing a positive pregnancy test, captioned “Abortion time!” and shows Ashley looking in the mirror wiping her face with a tissue.

The TikTok continues and shows Ashley showing off her baby bump, and nervously laughing outside Planned Parenthood.

Inside Planned Parenthood, the TikTok shows one couple in the waiting room leaning on each other, somber, and Ashley trying to lighten the mood with a fist pump.

The video ends with Ashley on the table in a medical gown.

Some viewers were horrified that people would record their abortion and were offended by a TikTok making light of the situation.

Lila Rose, president of Live Action, a pro-life group that has been banned from TikTok, said the TikTok violated community guidelines such as violent content, depictions of deaths, and dismembered humans.


The TikTok does not show death, nor dismembered humans.

Some viewers were appalled at Ashley’s “flippant” attitude.

Others felt more conflicted over their stance on access to abortion, and whether it’s appropriate to post on social media.

Some viewers defended Ashley against the hate she’s receiving online, and defended the right to safe, legal abortion.

The TikTok account @cpcake21 has since been set to private, so her videos are no longer available to the public.

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