Thrift shop worker says manager humiliated her for not wearing a bra in front of customers


‘The way I would have quit on the spot’: Thrift shop worker says manager humiliated her in front of customers for not wearing a bra

'I was mortified.'


Dan Latu


Posted on Feb 26, 2023

One woman’s story about a thrift store’s contradictory policy on bra straps has enraged Tiktok users, garnering over 1 million views as of Sunday.

“For the longest time I would show up to work wearing a shirt without a bra,” says Riley (@bappermoon), who worked at a thrift store. “Not inappropriate in the slightest.”

Riley says that all changed one day when she says she had a handful of older clients in their 60s and 70s and a “lot of men” waiting in the check-out line. The TikToker claims her manager then approached her and reprimanded her.

“All employees need to have visible bra straps when at work,” the manager allegedly said to Riley.  “You should know better.” 

Riley says her boss then scolded her for not reading the policy in the employee handbook. The creator says felt humiliated in front of all the customers.

“I never not showed up to work without a bra again,” Riley says. she emphasized her feelings in the caption, writing, “I was mortified.”

Recently, however, Riley says she noticed a newer employee wasn’t wearing a bra. She says she asked the new employee if she had gotten the same dressing down by higher-ups. 

But, to Riley’s surprise, she says the new employee said the employee handbook didn’t have any rules on bra straps. 

TikTok users who saw the clip were angry on Riley’s behalf. 

“No employer should be talking about any sort of your underwear ever,” wrote @jazzy_marie_03.

Others shared in Riley’s confusion over the manager’s attitude to appropriate workwear. 

“So we’re told our whole lives that showing bra straps is promiscuous but all of a sudden theres a rule about showing them??” said @cherikana. 

Others claimed they wouldn’t be working for much longer if they were in Riley’s shoes. As one user put it, “the way I would have quit on the spot.”

The Daily Dot contacted Riley via Instagram message.

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*First Published: Feb 26, 2023, 11:21 am CST