Icon undies for peeing

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Don’t worry, it also has an anti-odor element.

We’ve all been there: Maybe in a drunken stupor, you relaxed the wrong muscle. Maybe you laughed a little too hard and—whoops. Maybe you were pregnant and stopped giving a fuck. Peeing yourself: Hey, it happens. 

Well, now you can praise THINX, the underwear brand that lets you menstruate tampon- and pad-free, for creating Icon, undies that will absorb these urethra-leaking mishaps. The brand launched this weekend, with three different styles (thong, high-waisted, and bikini), in two colors (beige and black), and ranging from sizes 0–24.

Image via iconundies.com

THINX/Icon Vice President of Marketing Kejal Macdonald told Bustle how Icon was made to withstand a little urine: 

Icon needs to be able to absorb pee extremely quickly and keep women feeling totally dry, so the inner-most lining is a high-performing, fast wicking fabric. The leg holes of Icon are bonded—a fancy name for heat-sealed—instead of sewn to ensure they’re totally leak-proof. Lastly, in addition to the anti-microbial layer on both Icon and THINX, Icon has an additional anti-odor treatment, for obvious reasons.

Screengrab via Iconundies.com

If you were wondering how much pee is “a little pee,” the thong can hold 3 teaspoons, while the high-waisted number can hold 6—so not as much as the cup at the doctor’s office, but maybe enough to take for a test spin if you refuse to wait in a restroom line that’s 20-people deep. 

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