parents create platform shoes for child to avoid safety regulations


‘And then if something happened they’d be the first to sue’: TikTok parents facing backlash after tricking Disney workers into letting their kid onto rides

'I don’t understand how parents don’t realize this is for safety.'


Rebekah Harding


Posted on Feb 20, 2023

Popular influencer family, The Kelly Family, has come under fire after customizing their toddler’s shoes so that he would be tall enough for the rides at Disney. Many parents are calling their decision “dangerous” and criticize their attempt to get past safety measures.

In a video posted by The Kelly Family (@the.kelly.fam) on Feb. 10, the father shows a clip of their son, describing him as a “thrill-seeking boy who can’t get enough of Disney theme park rides.”

He continues to explain that the “only problem” is that he isn’t tall enough for the big rides yet.

The clip then shows the parents customizing a pair of children’s shoes with “extra flip flop bottoms” and a “towering heel” to boost their son’s height.

@the.kelly.fam These shoes are a game changer #disney #dadlife #parentsoftiktok #thekellyfam ♬ Fortunate Son – Creedence Clearwater Revival

The video has reached over 340,000 views as of Monday, with Disney cast members and parents putting the Kelly Family on blast.

“As a former CM, CMs will deny you entry for modified shoes. I denied so many kids, sorry not on my watch,” one user wrote.

“You do know that if he did get hurt… you can’t sue right? Disney could actually ban and sue you,” another said.

“Bros a bad father fr,” a third added.

Several TikTokers stitched the Kelly Family’s original video, pointing out why Disney has specific rules against modifying shoes to get past safety rules.

In a video posted by Callie (@_cal_cifer) on Feb. 17, she reminds viewers that “those regulations aren’t there for funsies.”

“They also aren’t there to ruin your child’s day. They’re there to keep them safe,” she says in the clip. “The rides are built with certain requirements. If you don’t meet those requirements there is a heightened risk that something really terrible could happen.”

@_cal_cifer #stitch with @the.kelly.fam Stop encouraging this behavior please. #badhacks #parentingfail #parentingfails #themepark #rollercoaster #rollercoasterreactions #parentsoftiktok #childfreebychoice ♬ Fortunate Son – Creedence Clearwater Revival

However, the Kelly Family’s father responded to the backlash in a TikTok, saying that he would “never put [his] kids in actual danger.”

“I would never condone any other parent trying to put their kid on a ride that they aren’t tall enough for. You don’t know what happened. In the video, you didn’t see him actually go on any rides,” he says in the video.

He continues that his son is already tall enough to reach the height requirement without the modified shoes and blasts viewers, telling them to “get the facts straight.”


Just so we’re clear…

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In the comments, users call him out for his attempt to gaslight viewers.

“‘I can’t believe you guys had the audacity to assume that what I said in the video was what I meant,'” one commenter joked.

“In the dictionary, this is called gaslighting,” another wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to the Kelly Family, Disney, and Callie via email.

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*First Published: Feb 20, 2023, 2:59 pm CST