Mother goes viral for saying God ‘called her bluff’ when daughter married a black man

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On August 8, Evangelical Christian site Gospel Coalition published an article titled, gulp: “When God Sends Your Daughter a Black Husband.” 

The writer, a Georgia nurse and mother named Gaye Clark, begins by telling us that she’d always prayed her daughter would meet a man who was “godly, kind, a great dad, and a good provider.” Then she says, “God called my bluff.

This white, 53-year-old mother hadn’t counted on God sending an African American with dreads named Glenn.”

Turned out Glenn was OK, though. And now this woke mom has advice for others in her situation. 

Calling Uncle Fred a bigot because he doesn’t want your daughter in an interracial marriage dehumanizes him and doesn’t help your daughter either. Lovingly bear with others’ fears, concerns, and objections while firmly supporting your daughter and son-in-law. Don’t cut naysayers off if they aren’t undermining the marriage. Pray for them. 

The article has since gone viral, with many Christians and theologians arguing against the premise of the advice.

Of course, the piece had some defenders.

But Clark has since apologized for her words and noted on Twitter that she is still seeking change.

God indeed works in mysterious ways. 

Lyz Lenz

Lyz Lenz

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