Taurus zodiac sign details. Features the symbol, its signifer (the bull), and constellation.

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Taurus compatible signs: Who’s the best match for a Taurus?

Wondering what Taurus compatibility looks like? We’ll tell ya.


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Taurus compatibility looks much different than its preceding sign’s best matches. Shocking? Not really. This Venusian-ruled earth sign has a way of appreciating the finer things in life while also remaining practical about it. Not all the zodiacs can keep up. Continue reading for the Taurus compatible signs and best matches.

Taurus’ most compatible signs: What signs are a Taurus’ best match?

Although Taurean placements can be a bit stubborn and uncompromising, some zodiac signs will actually benefit from such structure. Others, however, rather burn the house down than sweep it.

Generally speaking, a Taurus’ best match would be another Taurus, a Cancer, a Capricorn, a Scorpio, or a Pisces. The signs they should steer clear of are Sagittarius and Aquarius.

Taurus + Taurus

When two Tauruses meet for the first time there is an unspoken bond. There will be nothing but praise, as these individuals have found someone who shares all the same interests and will indulge with them––without all the guilt! Their shared values and ways of approaching emotional and physical intimacy make this partnership flow naturally.

However, Taurus’ communication style can be one filled with petty and childish arguments. As long as both partners remain convicted and unwilling to compromise their beliefs, the tension will be so thick you could cut it with a knife.

Taurus + Cancer

If there was ever a match made in heaven, it would be between these two signs. Rarely do you find two signs that see so eye-to-eye. These two share a lot of the same core values and are in tune with their emotions. Their shared sensitivity and warm emotional dispositions breed love and tenderness. If the way is clear at the beginning of their relationship, and neither has too much emotional baggage, there will be nothing these two can’t overcome.

However, for all their shared sensibilities, if the going is rough, it’ll still be an uphill battle to cultivate the impervious foundation and this story might be lost in the wind. Cancer is capable of living a more modest lifestyle, while Taurus needs financial stability just to soothe themselves. What saves them is an easy and transparent communication style. These signs will have no problem reaching a mutual understanding. Even in silence, their thoughts are understood. Problems may take shape in the form of Taurus’ stubbornness, as Cancers do have a melting (down) point. But overall, these partners are more likely to reach an agreement and come together than let a grain of sand stop their gears. 

Taurus + Scorpio

This pair is hot, hot, hot! Scorpio’s ruler (Mars) and Taurus’ ruler (Venus) meet-up in a passion-fueled frenzy that leads to unmatched sexual intimacy. While most might not consider Taurus a very sexual sign, their tenderness and eager-to-please ways come into play when met with a sexually-charged Scorpio.

However, as exciting as this sounds, any unresolved emotional issues or baggage either sign brings with them has potential to carry over into their relationship. The outcome of this will be determined by the way these signs carry themselves and, if played correctly, can actually end up fueling their emotional connection. The shining badge for this meeting of earth and water presents itself in the way these signs connect emotionally and through their own shared values. If these signs meet and have a similar mindset and outlook on life, this will be carried throughout the rest of their long relationship. A true picture of forever love! 

Taurus + Capricorn

As Earth signs, Capricorn and Taurus already have a head start when it comes to their compatibility. Both of these signs have materialistic tendencies that each manifest in different (but complimentary) ways. Taurus’ creative but unrelenting work ethic works well with Capricorns’ strict personal guidelines and cultivate a fruitful environment. This also usually ends in culminating a positive financial manner. This plays well for both signs, as they revel in the pleasures that arise from this kind of success.

Another plus for these signs in a relationship is the meeting of the minds when it comes to pastimes and leisure activities. No need to worry about getting into any miscommunications when the weekend comes. Both the Capricorn and the Taurus will be more than happy to lounge at home until Monday comes again.

But be wary when it comes to getting hot and heavy in the bedroom. Each sign approaches tenderness and intimacy very differently. Taurus will want its Capricorn to appreciate the endless love they show and will ask to be shown the same. This kind of attachment can scare the Capricorn away if their feelings aren’t on the same level and can leave the Taurus with deep emotional scars. The light at the end of the tunnel can be seen through their mutual respect and desire for honesty. Capricorns are not dishonest, and once the Taurus senses this, they will feel secure enough to match their partner’s level of honesty.

Taurus + Pisces

These two share an emotional and pleasurable connection like no other. Delicate Pisces is able to offer the ever-dependable Taurus a deep sense of purpose. With Pisces exalting Venus, Taurus becomes swept up in this moment of intense adoration. Feeling as if they’re the center of someone’s world rectifies Taurus’ tendencies to withhold self-love. Pisces being a creative sign will also inspire Taurus and lead them to live life a little more carefree. Taurus returns the support to Pisces by providing them with stable commitment and a safe space to be authentic.

Taurus worst matches: What signs don’t get along with the Bull’s way of life?

This may be one of the pickier signs in the zodiac, but Tauruses don’t have many foes. Romantically speaking, though, there are a few signs that know how to push Taurus’ buttons a little too well. That said, these predictions are merely based on my observations so if you find yourself in a relationship with a sign that I predict to be one of Taurus’ worst compatibility matches, don’t take it to heart. Astrological compatibility is much more nuanced than just my opinion of sun signs!

Aquarius and Taurus

Aquarius and Taurus are proof that opposites don’t always attract. Excitable and innovative Aquarius will never understand Taurus’ desire for tranquility. And quite frankly, what excites Taurus couldn’t be more of a turn-off for Aquarius. Taurus’ tenderness and need for physical intimacy are distant to the aloof Aquarius. And Aquarius’ unique perspective of the world will be shut down by Taurus’ tunnel vision.

Despite these signs having the same true-to-yourself attitude, the way they go about it couldn’t be more different. Which, unfortunately, results in a mutual lack of understanding between the two. Unless Aquarius can learn to step off their high horse and Taurus learns to appreciate the unconventional, this relationship likely won’t last.

Virgo and Taurus

My view on Virgo and Taurus compatibility might just be the most unpopular opinion here. And I’m okay with that.

Being two earth signs, the foundation for a relationship is there. However, I don’t see it as being everlasting. Despite these two signs being different enough to teach each other how to evolve, they’re just enough alike to butt heads. And when they do, they butt heads hard. They’re both highly critical (although Taurus won’t admit it) and have a tendency to think they’re always right. Virgo, however, has no problem admitting when they’ve been presented with information that proves them wrong. Taurus is a bit more stubborn. And when you go head-to-head with the bull, you better be quick on your feet and avoid their charges. This is where problems can arise.

Virgo’s highly critical nature may mean well, but they don’t always take other people’s feelings into account. And Taurus’ refusal to back down and accept accountability may cause strife between the two. Even if it’s for the betterment of both parties, these two will always want to battle it out–even if they’re in agreement! Unless both parties work on their tendency to be quick-to-judge and actually listen to each other, this will be a dueling duo for sure.

Sagittarius and Taurus

This is one pair that just doesn’t even try to understand each other. But it’s not without reason! These signs have very little in common to begin with – a bad start for Taurus compatibility. Sagittarius’ fun-loving and impulsive nature is the polar opposite of Taurus’ comfort-first motto. Taurus is also likely to be turned-off by how quickly Sagittarius can change their mind. One minute Sagittarius is begging for attention and the next they’re demanding space. This rapidly-changing cycle will further push Taurus into a zone of introspectiveness. The further Taurus is pushed, the more they’re made to question their purpose in the relationship.

However, if the couple is able to find a mutual appreciation and respect for each others’ differences, the bond is unbreakable. Taurus and Sagittarius have a lot to learn from each other, it’s just a matter of how they present the lessons.

Where to get a Taurus compatibility reading

For more information on these planets and luminaries relating to your romance or relationship, or if you just want to find your or your partner’s chart, these sites can help! Here are the best places for a Taurus compatibility reading.

1) Kasamba

If you’re looking for deeper insight into your relationship or love life from a reputable astrologer, Kasamba has got you covered. Since 1999, Kasamba’s psychics have guided over three million people down their paths via psychic readings, tarot readings, astrology readings, and more. With over 80 resident psychic profiles complete with ratings, reviews, photos, and respective rates, finding your perfect psychic match has never been easier. It’s important to note that the psychics on Kasamba all charge per minute, and while some rates can be as high as $30 per minute, many go as low as $5 per minute. However, when starting a session with a new advisor, Kasamba awards its members with three free chat minutes to ensure that they find the right match. This is a great place to start for a basic Taurus compatibility reading.

2) Keen

What I love about Keen is its clean and concise platform. This setup allows for easy navigation when searching for your perfect reader. The site’s services range from basic readings to predictions focused on your love life and relationships. There is even a section for handpicked specialists focusing on more niche readings. As long as you have a price range and availability in mind, matching with a reader is a breeze thanks to all the built-in filtering options. Users can even view top-rated and trending advisors with the click of a button. So if you’re new to this and don’t trust yourself to find a reliable reader, let Keen do it for you.

For those looking for straightforward and insightful material, Keen’s articles and blog posts cover almost all astrology-related topics. The blog features an advisory council that can be every bit as rewarding as chatting to an advisor in real-time. With Keen’s network of over 1,000 trusted advisors, you’ll be sure to find the answers you’re looking for. 

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New members get 3 minutes free!

3) Psychic Source

To help you get to your personalized Taurus compatibility reading sooner, PsychicSource.com offers a “Find a Psychic” tool. This feature matches you to a trusted psychic based on your answers to a short quiz.  The readings provided by PsychicSource.com will also benefit communities in need of support. A portion of the proceeds from each reading supports the site’s Kindness Initiative. The Kindness Initiative donates to a variety of nonprofits, all of which benefit different movements. Some of the charities that PsychicSource supported in the past include the National Center for Housing and Child Welfare, Futures Without Violence, and Paws With a Cause.

As of right now, PsychicSource.com is offering new users a low rate of $1/minute (plus three free minutes) for their first session.

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1/min (Regularly $5.99+/min)

4) MyLifeCreated

Mecca Woods decided to open her Astro coaching practice after having applied the same practices to better her own life. Woods trained at the Rebecca Gordon Astrology Mentorship Program and has dedicated herself to teaching others how to better tap into their own natural-born gifts. Her work is featured in publications like Bustle, Girlboss, Refinery 29, and more. And her horoscopes are sure to be insightful and easy to understand. If you want a personal reading from her, you will need to get a head start on the calendar and book in advance. So run over to MyLifeCreated and hop on the waitlist to secure a spot for next year! While you’re there, browse through the monthly horoscopes available through her site.

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Natal chart reading (90 mins)$145
Synastry reading (90 mins)$200
Solar return reading (60 mins)$100
Kids’ reading (45 mins)$85
Birthday chart reading gift certificate$100
Natal chart reading gift certificate $145

5) Charm Astro & Tarot

Interested in more than just the mainstream types of astrology reports? Charm Torres is the reader you need. She has been working as a professional astrologer since 2018 and has all the certifications to prove it. But her experience with astrology spans more than just these last two years. She started a formal mentorship in 2016 and completed multiple levels of curriculum including the foundations of humanistic and psychological astrology, modern predictive and relationship techniques. Before her journey into professional astrology services, Charm was actually a registered nurse in Ontario. Clearly, she has a passion for helping others! Charm offers more than just birth charts and astrology-specific readings, too. In addition to these zodiac-related readings, she offers tarot readings on a sliding scale.

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Tarot readings (30-60 mins)Sliding scale
Birth chart reading $77
Birth chart + year ahead reading$127
Year ahead astrology reading$77
Month ahead$27
Locational astrology readingSliding scale
Saturn return reading$39

6) Patrick Watson

Patrick Watson is a professional astrologer based in Arizona but he’s originally from the UK. He’s been practicing astrology since he was 15 years old and his talents speak for themselves. Watson has worked alongside renowned astrologers like Chris Brennan. In the spring of 2012, Watson and Brennan publicly issued an accurate prediction that Barack Obama would win the 2012 US presidential elections. Most recently, he accurately predicted the day of President Trump’s concession. By day, he is a music teacher, by night he is an astrologer, blogger, researcher, and astrology tutor!

Currently, Watson doesn’t offer relationship-specific questions in terms of Taurus compatibility, but he does Horary consultations. Horary readings are focused on finding the answer to one very specific question you have. While it’s much different from a full-blown relationship reading, there can be some overlap if you’re focusing on a specific scenario. (I.E. “Will I get married this year?” or “Is my partner the right one for me?”.

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Rectification consultation (60 mins)$175
Electional consultation $125
Horary consultation $50
General consultation (60 mins) $99*
*Normally $150, but Watson is offering a discount for the duration of the pandemic

7) Oracular Jake

With a background in social work and psychology, Jake makes sure to handle sensitive topics delicately and with compassion. As a gay white man who attended an HBCU to study social work, Jake feels well-informed and comfortable enough to discuss topics relating to race and racism. And in an effort to dismantle gender roles and heteronormativity, he has removed gendered language from his astrology practice. You just can’t say that about anyone! Jake offers multiple types of readings from natal charts to horary questions and everything in between. His prices are pretty affordable too. So regardless of your price range, Jake wants you to have access to professional-level guidance. His services begin at $30 and continue into the $100 range.

Like Watson, Jake doesn’t offer relationship-specific questions. But he also offers Horary consultations and Electional readings. Electional readings (also known as even astrology) focuses on finding the most ideal time to start something. So again, while this is wildly different from your traditional Aries compatibility reading, it may work for you. That is if you’re asking the right questions! (I.E. “Is this the right time to take my relationship to the next step?” or “Is now the right time to start dating?”).

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30 minute natal chart reading$50
60 minute natal chart reading$100

8) StarsMoonAndSun

StarsMoonandSun is a great site to find fun and educational information on the zodiac and corresponding horoscopes–like Taurus’ best matches! Here you can delve further into the science of astrology, with articles covering natal charts, cusps, eclipses, and retrogrades. Plus, if you need a little break from the deeper sciences about the governance of the stars, StarsMoonandSun has some star-studded entertainment for you. Freely enjoy piping hot tea about your favorite celebs horoscope and charts. 

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30 minute reading$55.55
15 minute reading$33.33

9) Astro.com

Astro.com is personally my favorite online astrology chart reading site. In using the AstroClick Portrait, clients can receive a free basic reading. Free services include a birth chart map and brief descriptions of what each placement means. The site also offers in-depth love and life readings as well as a breakdown of all the current transits. That’s in addition to the 12+ free forecasts. In addition to all of that good stuff, the site even hosts a wiki and community forum. This is great for those looking to teach themselves more about the practice, connect with a local astrologer, or learn how to read a birth chart.

Most of the services are free. But if you want to unlock all the site has to offer, you’ll have to pay for it.

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Prices vary by reading

10) AstroLabe

If you’re a DIY type who is just beginning to dip your toes into the meanings of the planets, stars, and asteroids, AstroLabe is a perfect starting point. And you’ll be happy to know that the watered-down version of that chart is available to use for free. However, if you want a professional-grade, full astrology reading that really gets into all the nitty-gritty details of your Taurus compatibility and alignment, it’ll cost you only $25.

Like other online astrology reading sites, AstroLabe hosts a library of literature as well as a list of recommendations for further study. This site’s predictions are trustworthy and easy to digest, which is great for beginners. More advanced astrology students may find it falls below their abilities, though.

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Full birth chart report$25

11) Astrology Zone

Home to the world-famous author and astrologer Susan Miller, AstrologyZone is a favorite for more than 17 million readers. Here you’ll find personalized and accurate horoscopes, including in-depth Taurus compatibility readings. Her predictions are so precise that she has earned accreditation by the International Society for Astrological Research. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Miller’s work can be found in countless publications and influential circles that praise her faultlessness.

As AstrologyZone celebrates its twenty-fourth anniversary, its fan base has only grown. Each year, it serves 200 million page views to over 11 million readers, and for those readers, Miller personally writes between 30,000 to 48,000 words per month. If you’re looking for scarily prophetic daily and monthly horoscopes, joining AstrologyZone should be a no-brainer. While monthly horoscopes are free to view on the site, those in search of more constant and thorough insight should look into subscribing to one of the many plans available. 

That said, if you want to keep it brief, sweet, and low-cost, AstrologyZone is prepared to tell you if your current love interest is one of the Taurus compatible signs. All you need to do is head on over to the site’s Love Calculator and input the sun signs in question. In a few minutes, you’ll have a basic report of Miller’s predictions for the longevity of you and your crush!

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1 month subscription$4.99
3 month subscription$12.99
1 year subscription$49.99

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