woman remembers tattoo artists going down on her during appointment tiktok


Customer says tattoo artist went down on her during appointment, sparking debate



Alexandra Samuels


A TikToker recently claimed that a tattoo artist she booked went down on her mid-appointment — and she was a fan of it. 

The video, posted by user @sisea666 (Sisi) has more than 9 million views and 13,000 comments. Captioned, “#fantasyfulfilled,” the text overlay on her TikTok reads: “Me every time I remember my tattoo artist went down on me mid tattoo.”

@sisea666 #fantasyfulfilled ♬ original sound – Jazzy Fizzle

Sisi is wiping down the mirror in what appears to be a bathroom while recording the video. As she remembers the incident with the artist, however, she stops wiping the mirror and covers her mouth with her hand. 

Sisi doesn’t elaborate on where the tattoo artist is located or when the appointment took place. 

In a pinned comment to the video, however, she writes that the sexual encounter was consensual and that she “took the story time down because people were saying [I] was assaulted, and I don’t want the artist to get in trouble.” 

Most commenters, however, seemed to have no issue with what happened to Sisi. In fact, several other women joked that they, too, want an experience similar to the original poster’s. 

One comment with over 61,000 likes reads: “People really living my dream, huh?”

“Omg. LOL this would be lit lowkey,” another user wrote. 

“That’s kinda hot idk,” reads another user’s comment. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to Sisi via TikTok.

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