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@Sweden curator selling account on Craigslist

The citizen in charge of Sweden’s official account this week is taking the opportunity to put it up for sale.


Jordan Valinsky


For $10,000 you can now control Sweden—or its official Twitter account, anyway.

The @Sweden account is controlled by a different Swedish citizen each week, and this week’s curator, Christian Blodkorv, has—probably jokingly—put it up for sale on Craigslist. He is “selling” the Twitter account because Visit Sweden, the tourism board that runs the @Sweden program, is facing budget cuts and is “in need of money.”

“You are buying a twitter-account with 66,200 dedicated followers spread across the world,” wrote Blodkorv on the Craigslist posting.

“Take this oppurtunity [sic] to get your hands on one of the coolest twitter-accounts in the world! USD 10000 or more, let me know your bid directly to my mail,” he wrote. Blodkorv, 29, posted a picture of himself looking forlorn in Craigslist’s New York City section on Thursday night.

If you do wire him the $10,000, which exchanges to more than 66,000 Swedish Kroner, you won’t have a lot of time to troll its followers, as Blodkorv has done so flawlessly for the past week.

“I will send you the password as soon as the money is [in] my account, but please hurry, they will change curator on Sunday,” he said.

While Blodkorv’s stunt is in-line with his other deadpan and sardonic tweets, a Visit Sweden official tells The Daily Dot they don’t find it as amusing.

“Of course he doesn’t have the right to sell something that is not his,” wrote Maria Ziv, Visit Sweden’s director of marketing, adding that the organization will have an internal conversation about Blodkorv’s posting.

“Since he neither has the password to send out nor the legal right to sell what isn’t his we are not too concerned,” she said.

As of Friday morning, Blodkorv said he’s only received two bids: one from this reporter and one from the Foreign Minister of Sweden, Carl Bildt, who is offering “27 barrels of raw oil,” he joked.

We’ll take it, as long as we can have Sonja, too.

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