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‘I was flabbergasted’: Customer says brunch bill featured a 3.5% surcharge so servers can have healthcare

‘They really making us pay their employees a livable wage AND their insurance.’


Allyson Waller


For some people, the supplementary charging at restaurants is getting out of hand. 

And one TikToker has had enough.  

“I recently found another example of why I hate living in the U.S.,” TikToker @killjill___ says in a recent video

In her video, she shares how when she went out to brunch with friends, she noticed a surcharge was added to their bill that read: “Staff benefits (3.50%).” She says she asked a waitress the reason for the charge and found out it was for employees’ healthcare. 

“I was flabbergasted,” @killjill___ said. “So you’re telling me every two weeks, it’s money taken out of my check to pay for my health insurance just so when I go to the doctor I still [have to] pay them more money to treat me, and then pay more money to get my meds from the pharmacy. And now companies are allowed to put the burden for paying for their employees healthcare on customers? Like what?” 

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Surcharges have been a recent occurrence across the U.S. as restaurant owners look for ways to provide added benefits to their employees. Largely, restaurants are not required by federal law to offer health insurance, although there can be some differences depending on the size of the business, according to the National Restaurant Association. Usually offering health benefits can help owners retain employees and combat high turnover. 

“All y’all in the comments saying that’s the tip then. Like come on, this ain’t the employees fault,” one commenter said. @killjill___ replied, “And I feel like the owners KNOW this is going to impact their staffs tips which is even more messed up smh.” (In many states, the minimum cash wage for tipped employees is $2.13 an hour.) 

Commenters critiqued restaurant owners, who they say put the burden on customers to pay employees fairly instead of owners and companies paying and offering fair benefits upfront. 

“They really making us pay their employees a livable wage AND their insurance,” a commenter said. 

“Customers always seem to bare the burden. If you cannot afford to pay your staff, you probably can’t afford to have a business!!” another commenter said. 

The Daily Dot reached out to @killjill___  via TikTok comment and Instagram direct message. 

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