Supergirl's trans actress Nicole Maines.

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Twitter dunks on conservatives who think Supergirl’s trans character is too ‘woke’

It’s a terrible take.


Ana Valens


In a first for TV, the CW’s Supergirl now has a transgender superhero. Nia Nal, better known as Dreamer, debuted this past October and appears on the show as a reporter working alongside Kara “Supergirl” Danvers at CatCo.

For most Supergirl viewers, Dreamer’s trans status is a point of pride for the series, in part because trans actress Nicole Maines portrays her on the show. But not everyone is happy about Maines’ appearance and her character’s gender identity. Case in point, the Washington Examiner published a piece claiming Supergirl has a trans woman on the show “just to be ‘woke.’”

“This effort to cast a transgender character in a main role on a popular show for kids is a blatant attempt to normalize a movement,” writer Nicole Russell says in the post. “This not only fails to represent the majority of children’s experiences, but attempts to indoctrinate them at an age when they are the most impressionable.”

Of course, the Washington Examiner’s take is incredibly transphobic. Russell acts as if Supergirl is indoctrinating children and fails to acknowledge the fact that trans children are out there and real. Likewise, she also attacks Maines by unfairly claiming she has “few acting credits to her name,” as if Supergirl chose the actress solely because she’s also an activist.

“If children watch shows like this without interacting with adults about it or observing it with critical reasoning skills, they could end up more confused than inspired, more frustrated than encouraged,” Russell concludes.

Twitter quickly fired back, pointing out that the show has a trans woman… because trans women exist in the world and deserve representation.

Then there’s the Examiner’s cringey usage of the word “woke.”

Not to mention, there’s tons of queer and trans kids out there that want to see trans representation on TV. It’s not like trans children are a myth.

In short, throw this piece where it belongs: in the trash.

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