sun yang

Screengrab via YouTube

FYI: Teeth have no bearing on athletic abilities.

Chinese Olympic swimmer Sun Yang, who won gold last night in the 200m men’s freestyle, is being mocked on social media for having bad teeth, because apparently everyone is a sore loser.

In most developed countries, having straight, white teeth is a signifier of class. And while dental hygiene is an ongoing issue in China, according to a study from the International Dental Journal from 2005 among adults in China, “56 percent held the attitude that tooth loss is natural and inevitable,” and many had never heard of dental plaque or the effect of sugar on teeth.

However, crooked teeth can function as well as straight teeth, and having crooked teeth is not a sign of poor hygiene; it just means not everyone lives up to a Western, mainly American, standard of aesthetics.

Also, Yang’s teeth have nothing to do with how he swims. Maybe everyone should just stay outraged about the doping and his messing with competitors

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