Subway worker reveals how the rotisserie chicken is prepared

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‘I don’t even eat subway and I feel ick’: Subway worker reveals how the rotisserie chicken is prepared

'So that's why I didn't like it when I ordered it once.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Mar 19, 2023

In a viral TikTok, a Subway worker revealed how its rotisserie chicken is prepared, sparking mixed reactions.

The video was uploaded by TikTok user @subwayhos who posts Subway content to their 12,000 followers. In this clip, the content creator revealed how the fast-food giant prepares their rotisserie chicken.

First, the creator uses a knife to stab a hole into the rotisserie chicken’s packet to drain the brine. Next, they open the bag and place the chicken onto the scale and hand-mix it all together, with minimal shredding. Then, the chicken is divided into multiple different containers before being placed into giant containers for serving.

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The Daily Dot reached out to @subwayhos via TikTok comment. The video racked up 2.9 million views as of Sunday, where viewers expressed their disgust.

“Ima stop eating subway,”  one viewer said.

“I don’t even eat subway and i feel ick,” a second echoed.

“I thought this was the best thing on the menu now I’m appalled,” a third stated.

However, some disagreed that the rotisserie chicken appeared unappealing.

“There nothing wrong with this- the checked is roasted and then cooked sous video- tremendously juicy,” one user wrote.

“There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just packed in a brine to keep it moist & fresh. i worked at subway long ago and it was fine! love the chicken tbh,” a second agreed.

“They don’t look bad though, the liquid is probably oil and water to keep the chicken from being dry,” a third concurred.

Alleged current and former Subway workers shared their thoughts about the rotisserie chicken.

“I worked at a subway it’s the same way it’s so sick y’all should see the steak,” one person commented.

“As a former subway employee that’s not even the nastiest thing,” a second remarked.

“Literally the worst smelling thing I’ve ever had to deal with in my life,” a third shared.

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*First Published: Mar 19, 2023, 12:07 pm CDT